How I Went From Mediocre Sales & Blew through the $200 p/day Day Level.

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There have been alot people in here asking how to make more money per day.

Well you should know there is not a whole lot of difference between what you are making now (even if it is nothing) to making $200 plus per day online.

But here is how I blew past $200 per day online.

It was so simple, but I didnt take any action. When I did the results were tremendous.

I will give you three of my SIMPLE secrets, well i will admit there are no secrets to this whole online thing, just hard work.

My favourite saying is : Luck is where opportunity meets preparation.

1) More articles to more directories.

2) Outsource more stuff to people who can do it better than me. So I spend more time on my business and not in my business.

3) Work like a dog!, There are idiots out there and in the WF that will tell you it is all about luck if you want to hit it big time with your online business. What a load of bollocks!!!. Work your ass of, because the more work you do , the more results you will see.

Again...and remember Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity

There are my secrets. Viola!!
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