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OK, I'm a complete amateur.... but decided to take an attempt at putting together an amazon review site. If anyone has the time, please take a quick peek and tell me what I'm doing right and what needs improvement.

All comments are welcome!


PS: Thanks for the great forum and for helping out us newbies!
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    Looks pretty good. I would make the header graphic smaller though. It shouldn't be necessary to scroll to get to the first block of text. Too much graphics also makes for slow loading time. You are not taking advantage of your homepage's linking power either. You should have a top posts or tag cloud widget.
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      Agreed, first thing I noticed was that there's little content visible on my small notebook screen, due to the large header.

      For a complete amateur the site looks pretty good.
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    "top posts" widget added. Will work on smaller header tomorrow or later tonight. Thank you!
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    It looks awesome and professional.. Maybe a drop down option on categories tab would be nice.. and some sort of price range comparison would be cool.
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    It takes too long to open and I would usually click the X box to leave the site but since you're a warrior now I've decide to waite it out and saw why it was taking soooo long to open. Too many graphics is not good. It looks more like a sales site than a review site but you're on the right track of making money.

    1-3 seconds your site should be open or visitors will click away so crop your images and it should be fine.
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    The first thing I noticed is that the feedburner box doesn't display correctly. Have you considered using an autoresponder so you can build a list, instead of feedburner?

    Also, at the bottom of the subscribe box I see half of what looks like a Twitter bird icon, but it isn't linked to anything and in Internet Explorer I can see part of another icon too.

    You appear to have an empty, right inner sidebar. If you aren't using it, turn it off. If you can't turn it off, then make use of it otherwise you have a weird blank stripe.

    I agree about the header graphic - I would make it the full width of the site and not so tall.

    I personally find the 3 column layout in the body of the home page a bit annoying as it makes you scroll down and then up again to read each entry. I prefer a theme that has just one or two columns there so that you just need to scroll down once to read the extracts.

    I like your about page - it tells me why I should believe your reviews.
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    site is not bad but getting the right traffic to make money is the key

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    There seems to be a few broken links (especially on the right panel).agreed with the earlier post that the 3 columns display at the centre make it less user friendly

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    It's more a catalog than review site. It's arranged well and looks clean. With that said, catalog listings aren't very compelling to a reader. They can get that stuff anywhere. A real review comes from the perspective of someone who has used the product or someone explaining how a friend or relative has used something and how it had a profound effect on them.

    Step outside of this for a moment and imagine how you would respond to reading any of these listings. Is there anything there that makes you want to buy? You might get some sales. I believe they would come from folks who had done some research, shopped around and happened to land on your site at the very moment they'd make their buying decision based on previous research.

    If you want a real review site consider a blog where you feature a product every two or three days with a compelling write up along the lines of someone who has actually used and liked the product. Once you get established as a serious reviewer you'll start to make sales and a lot of them. Good luck.
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    Not bad! Just a little improvement to attract visitors. You had a great content. Keep it up!
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    The site overall is OK.
    If you are going for organic search ranking you have still some on page SEO to address i.e. change your permalink structure to /%postname%/ ,up your keyword density on each post/page and highlight your keywords using h1,h2 and h3. You should cloak your affiliate links using a no follow structure.
    Also rewrite duplicate content.

    Hope this helps as from experience it is down-heartening spending a lot of time building a site to never see it climbing the SEs.

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    I would take off infolinks... they're very annoying to a visitor and they pay pennies. Like a few people have mentioned, the articles should be reviews that sound like a real review... think about why someone would want to buy it instead of just rattling off the features. And, don't forget to list some things you don't like... that's a big part of making the reviews sound real.
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