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After reading a WSO (or two) about the endless possibilities of sending PPC (Pay Per Click) visitors to a CPA (Cost Per Action) offer, I thought I'd revisit the concept. Effectively what I did was create a blog, with around 10 pages focusing on May DVD releases. That blog and a typical post can be found here:

The King's Speech DVD Rental | DVD For Rental

I chose to target UK visitors and offer them the 30 day free trial at LoveFilm. I would get $26 per sign up.

These are the results of a 2 week campaign:

As you can see, I sent 320 visitors to the blog at a cost of $77.27. Sadly, only 30 of those clicked through to the target LoveFilm. Then only 1 of those converted, for a net loss of $51.27.

My thoughts are as follows:

1. Now Google basically disapproves of direct linking to a CPA offer, there will always be some leakage between your blog/site and the target offer. In my case, this leakage was nearly 90%. I also suspect that not all the clicks came from the UK, although that's what I paid for.

2. I could have reduced that leakage by offering the visitors some sort of offer to get them to sign up to my list and then sell to them down the track.

3. Based on the target conversion of around 3%, the cost of each visitor to LoveFilm, needs to be less than $0.87, the further beneath that figure, the greater your profit.

So, there it is. Based on a CPC of $0.24, if I could get around 1 in 3 to go to the target site, this could be a (just) profitable campaign. The other alternative is to reduce the CPC to $0.08, which could be possible on the content network and in the long tail.

It might also be worth a shot on PPV and I might do that next.

Warriors, any thoughts?

All the very best, Allen
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    I've never had any luck with PPC to CPA, but I think you really have to know what you're doing.

    I wouldn't say it's dead, just a lot harder, due to new regulations and people being more aprehensive online.
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    Try alternative networks that allow direct linking or are more lenient.

    Most people launch large amounts of campaigns before they find one that sticks, I'm not sure how many keywords you used/different ad variations either, but you should be looking at the ROI of each keyword rather than the entire campaign as then you can refine your targeting ect.

    Not sure about the large banner either, I think there is probably a better one to use.



    I'm by no means an expert in this field its just what I have read and am trying at for myself.
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    Hi - Appreciate the feedback. The large banner is ugly but after testing, it proved to get a higher CTR. I did use lots of keyword groups and ads but with only one conversion, hard to gauge the ROI. Thanks for the tip about the alternative networks, that sounds like a good idea... thanks Allen

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    I think you can use Youtube for CPA.
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    I don't think it's dead. Working hard is not yet good enough, you had to dig deeper and be smart on what title and description of the ad might catch attention to your targeted visitors (especially if geo-targeted).

    Now you know what's wrong with your campaign, try it with your own twist or creativity that may possibly work for you.
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      This is why their is so many people on Facebook Ads instead of Google Adwords. And they don't ban you if they don't like your CPA page, they just decline your ad.

      Benoit Tremblay

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    Facebook Ads (while still fairly strict) is far more lenient than Google Adwords. If you're using Adwords, what you really need to do to maximize your returns is send traffic to a squeeze page instead of a blog, as this will increase your chances of converting more of your visitors later on.
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      Originally Posted by paulie888 View Post

      If you're using Adwords, what you really need to do to maximize your returns is send traffic to a squeeze page instead of a blog, as this will increase your chances of converting more of your visitors later on.
      If you're using adwords, that cannot be the traditional squeeze page.

      You'll get zapped.

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    Originally Posted by allenjohn View Post

    Warriors, any thoughts?

    All the very best, Allen
    Yeah it's harder now, especially when the offer landing page isn't amazing and doesn't provide great user experience.

    However, you can do direct link offers using affiliate datafeeds to affiliate offers. . I wrote a blog post on that here:

    How to catch the Affiliate Okapi

    It's very powerful way of doing it. You can even mask the links in the process using this code here:

    Using .PHP to Make Google (and Your Users) Happy

    You might be able to find some DVD type sites that offer datafeeds.

    If you need to do landing pages there is some software to do that too.
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