I would like a few suggestions.

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I'll try to put this as briefly as possible. I have found a FANTASTIC way to make money on the Internet by using E-Bay and ClickBank as research tools. I don't do any selling though them.

Putting it very simply I find what people want. Then I find a reputable supplier of those items. I have samples sent to me for verification of the product representation, to determine shipping time, money transfer time ,to see if there are any problems that I run into for importation of the product between nations, and to make sure the drop shipping the supplier uses is adaquate for my customers.
Once I am satisfied that the product is legit, high quality, money transfers can get though without delay, and no importation problems. I then begin to market it.

Currently I am focusing on what people are going to be looking for around Christmas time.

Here is an example of how it works. I import Apple iPhones 3G 8GB & 16GB
for a very reasonable price. (Caution if you are thinking of doing this BE VERY CAREFUL!!! I got burned more than once before I found my current supplier. You might want to note that Western Union and eMoneyGram will not allow online transfers of money for this product due to the HIGH FRAUD involved. It took me months to figure out how to do this the right way. That being said if you need help I will answer questions but I will not tell you who my supplier is.) I then advertised a very low price to people who wanted to put them on e-bay or supply their own stores. I gave them a price of $375.00 for the 8GB (shipping included) and $500.00 for the 16GB again all shipping included. I locked the people who responded to me into the low price as long as the manufacturers price stayed stable. They all seemed very happy with this added benefit.

This worked very well for me and I sold about 120 phones the first two weeks. I make a great commission without gouging the buyer. The commission I have added on is very low compared to what they are selling for on the Internet.

Now I have raised the prices on my site for the average Joe. The 8GB will be going for $600.00 and the 16GB will be going for $800.00...These prices are still lower than what everyone else is charging. I forgot one thing my phones use the 2.0 firmware not the 1.14. This is important because they are a higher quality.

My problem is three fold.

1-I am not use to advertising to the average Joe. I have always been very specialized. Most safelists don't seem to be working, article marketing takes a very long time. I need to kick start the average Joe advertising. I have started with Microsoft adcenter, Yahoo is a bit scary the way they do their billing, and Adwords is a maze but I will attempt to learn it. Where is a good place to advertise this type of product to the main stream?

2-Although my pricing is very reasonable I have been toying with the idea of making the 8GB $450.00 or $500.00 and the 16GB $650.00 to $700.00 until I get the traffic I need from the main stream.

3-I would like to ad some sort of affiliate program to my sites. I just don't have any idea of how to go about this.

All suggestions are greatly appreciated.

You can take a look at my two sites to help you understand what I am doing.



I look forward to hearing from you.

P.S. Can anyone tell me where the spell check is on this screen?
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    Generally, PPC advertising is a very fast and easy way of getting customers who are looking for your products.

    Also you should try adbrite.com. If you are in the US and have specific products for the Christmas season your best bet is to get affiliates as fast as possible by advertising in some of the offline magazines like Success (www.successmagazine.com) or Home Business Magazine (www.homebusinessmag.com.
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