Where Do I Outsourcing My Product Creation Job?

by PaulSolid Banned
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i want to outsoruce my product creation and it's sale letter, where can i outsoure the job? i needed a reliable and cheap source.

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    What is your budget and how much work are you looking to put in and polish the outsourced job?

    If you have a rough idea of where you want to go with a product you can get the job done relatively cheaply at freelance sites such as odesk.

    The key with getting jobs done there correctly is to really lay out a specific plan and set of tasks you want done by your worker.

    I mean really hammer the points down in easy to understand bullet points. I've always gotten the best results when I basically gave them a fool proof set of bullets that basically say do this first, then that, etc.

    The final product will be suitable and probably sellable. But to really take it to the next level you are going to have to sit down and polish it. Add your own spin and voice to it.

    Sales letters can get expensive to outsource. I would really suggest taking a look around the forum and the copywriting section to get a feel for the type of trigger points used in a sales letter.

    The sales letter is the key and I think it would be most beneficial to you to really understand the fundamentals of one and write a few yourself before outsourcing.

    That way you know what you are doing and have the most powerful weapon in your sales arsenal mastered. It will also make it easier to outsource it and give relevant sets of instructions for it.
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    My site is geared up exactly for this purpose.
    Earner.net - Network for Jobs, Services, Files and Projects

    "Jamroom is a Profile Centric CMS system suitable as a development framework for building entire communities. Highly modular in concept. Suitable for enterprise level development teams or solo freelancers."

    - jamroom.net
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    Guru dot com is the best for me, and from others I have talked to.

    Just sayin!
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      Hi Paul,

      There are aspects that may have impact on the success of a sales letter. Just name a few:

      - what kind of product do you want to sell? (selling different products require different sales letter in length and content)

      - what kind of need exists for your product on the market? (lukewarm interest in, or a strong demand for)

      - how much is the competition of similar products? (in strong concurrency need take more care to persuade the possible buyer)

      - who is your possible customer? Do you have some kind relationship with your audience already? (it is easier to sell to a repeat buyer)

      - what is your imagined price range? (are the benefits justify that idea or not?)

      - what is your imagined garantee? (how are you stand behind your product?)

      - how many and what kind of testimonials du you want to put in? (pls, avoid fake them!)

      Otherwise, Eric's advices are useful.

      Please, have a look at the copywriting sector here, and learn some basic knowledge about sales letter component parts. This way you can give more precise offer to your copywriter.

      All the best,


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    I have used the warrior for hire section of the forum and I have also used elance.com
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    I would start in the Warrior Forum and find someone who has a good reputation here.

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      Did you tried elance or odesk? They have good services and cheap too

      Looking for a serious JV partnership. Pm me

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    I use 99centarticles.com or articlecontentmachine.com to create my ebooks. I do do all the researching and provide them with an outline of what I want first though.

    as for as copy I always do that myself that is in my opinion one of the most valuable skills on the planet, if you can learn to write effective copy you wil never have to worry about money again.
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    try the warrior for hire section here or elance has some great writers too.
    You can do it!!
    my new site is here!
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    I currently have a project going on scriptlance, but I also use oDesk and elance.
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