Does anyone offer squidoo lens creation services on warrior forum?

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I am curious about the above question.

I am going to be offering this service soon myself so I am wondering who I might be competing with.
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    It should be easy enough to do a search of the hiring forum categories for 'squidoo'. You may be a little late offering this service though. Squidoo was much stronger in its early days. Now google doesn't seem to be giving them as much love. Still, I guess if you can create a quality squidoo page, someone is bound to be interested in your services, especially if those pages can send them traffic.
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    I would check the Warrior For Hire and Classifieds section. I've been in there quite a bit the last two weeks, but I don't recall any services like that. If they are offered they would be in there though.
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    Squidoo still has juice and can get you nice ranking. I do lens SEO and have lots of old lens from 2006 that just sitting there with many single keywords. I need to sell them sooner or later but Squidoo does have its ummppphhhhhh! if you know what I mean. In fact one of my lens brings in thousands of visitors a week for a very popular tv show. can you guess which one?. Anyways I'm not here to hijack this thread so I think you have a good idea too.
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      Do a search for Sandra Martinez.

      She's a very nice lady and I've seen one of her lenses before and it was excellent.

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