Am I stupid, threw away $288 for $50 which is still not confirmed yet ?

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This morning, I got an email from my AN from a CPA network I join.

The AN mistakenly send me $288 and then he sent me this email....

here the email I got.

Immidiately...after saw the email, I opened my email, not checking is my cpa payment had been paid or not, but checking out, where is the $288, and I'm going to refund the money which is not mine.

Sincerely, that's what I thought last morning.

Now, at this afternoon, I try to think about it again, and asking my self, am I stupid or what?

I know, this thinking is wrong. So, what about you? Is this case normal in these days? If yous asking me, at my place, people will praise me for being kind but at the bottom of their heart, they will think that, I'm stupid.

What a corrupted world.
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    Sorry, I don't follow. Are you saying you refunded the $288 but didn't receive it in the first place? :confused:
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    I'm confused too...perhaps you haven't received that $288 check yet, but it's on its way to you?
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      If that ever happen to me, I know I will return that $288. Plus, I'd add that I won't be needing the $50 they are offering me.

      It's true that we are living in a corrupted world, but that doesn't justify us to be corrupt as well. No matter what people are thinking about me, I'll just go ahead and refund their money.

      Here's another thought of mine :

      Since you are getting money from a CPA network, if you plan not to refund their money, guess what? we are all internet marketers who need a good standing and reputation. You can get into trouble such as getting yourself banned from the network you are talking about, or ending your publisher status with the network.

      Once you are blacklisted, you'd find it hard to get accepted by another CPA network.

      I don't think that $288 worth the good reputation that you've built all these years.



      William Prawira

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        Regardless of if you want to return this money, I would immediately stop dealing with this CPA network. If this network has this kind of problem then think how many of your payments are sent to someone else.

        How do you know that this money is not your hard earned commission? This company issued a cheque to you in your name. So to raise that cheque their account dept must have some paper work to process the payment. That paper must had your name on it or some idiot wrote the cheque to different name. Unless company can prove that this is not your money, I would keep the money.
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          I believe in honesty, if you are dishonest in your dealings in life eventually it will come back to haunt you. It may not be today, or even next year but be sure one day you will be on the recieving end.

          So no, I do not think your action was stupid.
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    It may have been stupid, but it was right. Good job.
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    Couldn't agree more with those I thanked.

    You know inside which is the right thing to do.

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    If you hadn't refunded their amount then it would create a very bad image of yours in front of them and in the long run, they'd never prefer working with you again. A business' biggest asset is its relationships. What you did creates goodwill between you two and fosters trust which is far more profitable than the mere $288 that you're moaning about. And it wasn't all loss either. Those guys did pay you $50 for being a righteous soul. You haven't done anything wrong. You just made a small short-term loss in return for a bright and hopeful long-term profit, God willing.
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      You definitely did the right thing by refunding it.

      I have actually had Clickbank send me a sizable check in the past for the wrong person. I live in MO and this person was in CA but the check was stuck to the back of mine.

      I of course shredded it and contacted Clickbank about the mistake.

      No need to cheat when making money online is already very obtainable.



      "People will remain the same until the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change."

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    Moral debates will be moral debates, but personally if there's one single thing I have learned in my 28 years of being alive, it's this:

    What goes around comes around.

    So, if you had chosen to keep that $288, you would've eventually lost that amount, or more. It could happen the next day or it could happen years from now, but what goes around does come around.

    So I think you're good. There will be way more for you to play with in the bigger scheme of things than $288.

    Plus, now you're gonna get 50 bucks that you otherwise didn't have.
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    No worries, you did the right thing.
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    Originally Posted by Raja Kamil View Post

    The AN mistakenly send me $288 and then he sent me this email....
    Let me explain, as a business owner, what I would do.

    I would contact my bank and stop payment on this check, because I had a record of the check number.

    I would contact you and say the check was sent in error and to please destroy it upon receipt.

    If you got the sly idea of cashing it anyway, payment on the check would be stopped and the bank would say "sorry, no can do." I would then know that you are a thief, and cannot be trusted. That could impact my future business dealings with you.

    What your CPA network is doing is asking you to convert one negotiable instrument into another, and they will pay you $50 for the "inconvenience." This is called "money laundering."
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    while i didnt understand this at first I now know what you did and why you did it.

    Congrats to you, i think in the grand scheme of things you did do the right thing.
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