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Could you tell me what does PLR(Private Label Right) means ? It is supposed that i have tons of PLRs, how can i use them to make money ?
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    It really depends on the licensing rights that are included with the PLR, some are looser than others. But basically PLR means that you can take the content, re-brand it as your own, and then re-sell it at your desired price.
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  • A word of warning regarding PLR, there is a lot of crappy PLR out there that has been sent to every mailing list going and it has a lot to answer for the drop in open and click rates most people are seeing in their emails in my opinion (and others).

    There is some good PLR out there but a lot of people just use it as is. The original idea of PLR was to have a framework for other people to work from. Take what you have, rebrand it and ADD MORE CONTENT and you will be way ahead of the majority of people that are using PLR as is.

    Just my 2c
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    This is just one scenario for Private Label Rights products.

    When someone creates a product they sell it. After awhile sales drop off and sometimes they'll license that product to others who can do with it whatever the license allows. The buyer may be able to change the wording, claim authorship, sell it, give it away, there are many possibilities.

    People can license all kinds of products, not just written material. Music and software can also be offered as PLR products, and again, what the buyer can do with it depends on the license.

    Some folks here write stuff specifically to sell as PLR. It can be a good business model. As the previous poster pointed out, there are lots of crappy PLR products out there. That happens when marketers of all types knock out some report or guide just to say they've got their own product. So it goes...

    You can make decent money selling the good PLR stuff that makes it to the marketplace. But that takes a lot of patience because when you buy several GB of the stuff at a time wholesale you need to go through it all and weed out the junk. I've got some experience with this. It's a lot of sorting and organizing but the payday can be nice. Good luck.
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    Originally Posted by baokhau View Post

    Could you tell me what does PLR(Private Label Right) means ? It is supposed that i have tons of PLRs, how can i use them to make money ?
    Here's an excellent article on the topic.

    David Jackson

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      That article is a good one but it's limited. People should be aware that there is a ton you can do with PLR articles, far beyond using them as articles.

      Combining articles to create a report, using them to create an autoresponder series... there are many ways to use good articles.
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        First, you have to find some good PLR. And its going to cost you some money. For me its been a goldmine because I'm not good at coming up with ideas in the first place.

        So, I buy stuff that gives me the rights to do anything I want with it.

        And then re-do the whole thing and add more value, with your personality.You can buy the rights to videos also. The mistake I see marketers make is to upload the PLR just like they purchased it from the owner.
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    Here's an explanation of the terms ...

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    Private Label Rights gives you the ability to rewrite, edit, and claim content as your own. Almost all sellers will have terms/rules for their PLR, but with most you are able to do as you please except possibly sell the content with PLR rights to your customers.

    With PLR, there are many ways you can make money. You can use the content to create niche sites, compile several PLR articles into an ebook, resell a PLR ebook once you've edited it, add a PLR ebook to Kindle, etc etc. The options really are endless!
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      What My Chemistry Teacher Taught Me About PLR

      A short story by Jill Carpenter

      A few decades ago when I was in highschool taking chemistry class I learned all about PLR. One day we had a class where she (my chem teacher who for the life of me I can't recall her name at the moment) talked about shampoo. What she told us was that almost all shampoos were the same. Most had the same kind of formula make up, but the different brands just changed up the smell, or the packaging. She suggested it was just fine to go with the less expensive ones, and to switch them up every now and then as there were some subtle differences.

      How does this relate to PLR? Well, PLR is just the basic compounds. Each brand (you) will mix it and change it up slightly to reflect that brand.

      The End


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