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I've always been a fan of seeing the guru marketers using these HUGE floor to ceiling whiteboards, and always wanted one, but they are expensive and kind hard to find.

I found a solution that I want to share because I think this might help you when making your next training or promo video. Here's a video about it that I made for Youtube.


P.S. The video is about 7 minutes, but you can watch just a little to get the idea.
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    Cool Video share.. Will give this a try next time I'm in need of a whiteboard:rolleyes:
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    OK - now I need a white wall. I'll have to try it on the light beige walls I have in the office. It'll probably look like a dirty white board!
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    Great find! Thanks for sharing. I don't have a white wall to use, but if I had an office with a white wall you can bet I'd be putting this stuff up everywhere!
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      Great vid! I plan on doing something just like this.
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    Or you could buy whiteboard paint: IdeaPaint | Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint for Home, School, and Work

    That is what I'll be doing when I decide what wall to draw on
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      Hi George,

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