100's of 1,000's Copyright Free! Images and Clipart for your commercial projects.

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Hi Warriors

I guess I broke something! My Bad. Just wanted to make this available to the Warriors.

OK, Here's a list of sites with beau coup copyright free images, clipart and more. 100,000's available for nada, nothing, zilch.

The Best Copyright-Free Photo Libraries: - DotGovWatch Exposing the good, the bad, and the ugly - A Blog Monitoring U.S. Federal, State, and Local Government Websites

Incredible Clip Art & Images

Archival Art presents classic victorian artwork

TP: Images of American Political History

Liam's Pictures from Old Books

The Newgate Calendar - List of Illustrations

Sketch Archives 1841-1864

PicFindr: Free stock photo and image search


Antique Clipart - Free Public Domain Clipart

and don't forget the free images and clipart available from Microsoft office here.


150,000 total free for use.

There's many more sites but these should keep you busy for awhile.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Warriors

All The Best
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      Thank you, with a list like that I shouldn't ever have to pay for a picture.

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    Heya Paul

    That's quite a list! Thanks very much for sharing.

    I'd just like to add something:

    Be careful with the Microsoft images, folks. Make sure you read their TOS very carefully!

    I can't remember all the details off the top of my head, but I know one is that you have to own a copy of Microsoft Word that is licensed to you or your company, presumably--if you're running a commercial enterprise.

    Now, for most people that's not going to be a problem (although the license to the company might be... dunno), but for some (like me) who don't see the need to pay an extra couple of hundred on a new PC for a word processor when I can just use open office, that is a problem.

    They also have other weird rules about commercial use, from memory.

    Worth checking out carefully.

    Also, with public domain stuff, again, be very careful if you live outside the USA and/or you host your sites outside the USA. Copyright law is not standardised internationally.

    Contact your local copyright council if unsure.

    Don't want no one gettin' in hot water, eh?

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      That is a great point NightOwl. Always double check the copyright. If you're outside of the United States here's a wikipedia page that has a great chart for most of the worlds countries for you "International Warriors".

      "In the U.S., any work published before January 1, 1923 anywhere in the world[1] is in the public domain."
      Wikipediaublic domain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      However it can be a little more complicated than this and this only applies to "Public Domain" material. SO NightOwl is correct and one needs to check the status of any material you are intending to use commercially.

      Speaking of Public Domain I forgot to list a huge Public Domain clipart library. The clip art on this website and part of this project are released into the public domain.
      Open Clip Art Library About

      and this site for Public Domain Images.

      All The Best

      Making Lemonaide... Skydivedad's Blog

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    wow thats an amazing list thanks for sharing it with us!
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    Thank you very much for this!
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    awesome... thanks a lot...
    If Content Is Your King, Then This GhostRider.. err.. GhostWriter Is Your Knight!
    My Sample Articles
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  • Woooh! Amazing list.Thanks for sharing. I really need that list for my work because i need photos for our websites.

    Thanks Again
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