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Hey warriors.

This really is quite a community here, love the info but I am kinda finding myself stuck in the analysis paralysis phase.

My aim in undertaking IM is based around the impending arrival of my first child and my wife then only working par time.

What I would like to do is have IM paying around $15-$30 a day. $30 a day would mean I would be able to take a day of every work week and $15 would mean I could take four 1/2 days off. I want to spend more time with my family and less time stuck at a desk.

I am finding it really hard to pick a niche I can own with 2000 or more searches, good pay day, low competitiveness etc.

Does anyone here offer a service to identify a good niche?

Traditionally I will go very hard with a new project only to become disheartened and put it to the side or give up. Any help/direction would be greatly appreciated. Not at all scared to work hard towards an achievable outcome nor am I unrealistic on profit results or super short time frames to success.

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    I don't know how much experience you already have, so maybe this won't apply to you. But if you want to get the cash flowing right now, have you considered offering a service? This could be something like writing or design. Doing this part time could definitely achieve the income you need.

    The other reason I suggest this is because you'll learn a lot while you're doing a service for other internet marketers. It's a great way to learn all about how to do it yourself, while at the same time making sure you've got enough money coming in.

    That said about your niche question - yes it can be a lot more difficult nowadays to find a niche with less competition. How long have you been searching? Sometimes it can take a few hours of thinking outside the box before you hit on one, but it's worth it when you do. Remember to consider all types of niches e.g. info product niches vs promoting physical products (you may find it easier with the latter if you think of things you regularly use around the home that would sell for a good price). You can even go on's bestseller list to come up with ideas.

    Hope that helps a little, sorry if the first part of advice doesn't apply to you.
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    When choosing a niche I generally follow these steps :
    1. Use domain samurai (google it), add an adwords account so it can generate up to 800 results.

    2. Search using domain samurai's keyword tool for a broad niche (ie. Buy websites), now it will generate up to 800 related keywords. I then use the keyword analysis (exact match) component to see the stats of keywords. Once you find a good one, go to step 3.

    3. Double check the results from domain samurai using the google keyword tool. If the results are the same you have the makings of a good niche.

    4. Search in google to get a general idea of how many pages are competing for the keyword. If the number is under 50k on an exact match search you should normally be good to go.

    5. Use an SEO analysis program to check the top 10 pages for your keyword, if they have bad SEO and few backlinks things should be easier for you.

    6. Use common sense, it is very difficult to beat pages (not impossible) like wiki, amazon, the products website normally.

    7. Find a good domain name, using your keyword in the domain.

    That is a cut down version of the steps I use to identify a niche or keyword, I hope it helps you.
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      Hey thanks for the replys so far.

      I am a website sales manager so I am in the industry and I broadly understand it all so not a massive learning curve.

      Thanks for the point about outranking amazon etc as I thought I had stumbled upon a great little exact name niche and could beat amazon to the top for amazon micro site, no point if they are 1 and 2 and I am 3
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        You will be in HOG HEAVEN if you click my signature! And just to be clear, I'm not some affiliate marketer pushing products with the highest profit margins. You'll see after you watch a fast paced video that clearly explains why you need more than just passion to be successful online. Now go get shocked before the baby comes!!

        btw - If its a girl, your wife might want to go into the Baby Headband business - you can see them on ebay's "My Page" under thriftgirl62 in case anyone's got the baby girl blues. Just holler if you do.

        I retired in 2005 at 43 and now I give away websites like these for FREE [hosting excluded]

        When you make at least $100+ per month, we split the profit 80/20 and YOU get the 80% Until then, you keep 100% and I'll help you drive traffic, get backlinks and put the domain in your name too!
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    I also take a look at Google trends, especially for a specific geographic location. It can give you some idea about what's hot, what's on the way out, and where you can focus before things get too crowded.

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    Yeah baby products of some sort would not be a bad niche given my current situation
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    I have a list of the 20 Best and Niches to focus on.
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      where pray tell would I come across such a list
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    Hi Simbot82 if you like you could become an affiliate for me and ill get you earning $100-$200 per day, ill build and supply you a sales page, ill pay for all the hosting costs and teach you how to sell it.

    In other words i won't charge you a thing. PM me if your intrested.
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    I suggest you do enter a niche that you're passionate about. Everything else will follow.

    Regards Allen

    PS That baby niche could be a good one

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    I have a service that will do just that.

    Find a profitable niche you can rank for.

    Only problem? It's not ready yet.

    Generate Unlimited Number of Micro Niche Keywords, Multi-threaded EMD Finder PLUS More!

    50% OFF WSO.
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    I would choose an area that you're interested in. Nothing worst than marketing a niche and you don't have an interest or prior knowledge in.
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    • Hey Simbot,

      A couple of tips for niche choosing:

      1. Go with what you care about. Try to choose some you would like to work on even if you knew you weren't going to make any money, because getting started up there will be a lot of work involved without much return until you get past the 'hump.' And if you're not passionate about the topic, you WILL get bored eventually.

      2. Think very carefully about the kinds of things you can sell with a particular niche. Can you sell big ticket items? Think about each keyword in terms of whether or not it's a 'buyer' or 'browser' keyword (ie are people really buying this stuff online, or just looking for info?). There's more to keywords than just the numbers.

      Those are a couple of rules of thumb. If you want to avoid the pitfalls of choosing your first niche, I run a turnkey content site building service. We guide you to choosing a profitable niche, create a site blueprint and write your first 30 pages of content. This is real high quality stuff for people who want serious, profitable content sites, not micro-site garbage. Check out the second link in my sig if you want to know more.

      Best of luck,

      Epic sales videos - guaranteed conversion boost, GUARANTEED return on investment!

      Premium SEO - want to be #1 post-Penguin?
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    Thanks for the feedback guys/girls

    I am heaering make sure your passionate about your niche and I am passionate about technology, gaming, babies, web design (I sell them) etc so might look there next

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      Originally Posted by simbot82 View Post

      Thanks for the feedback guys/girls

      I am heaering make sure your passionate about your niche and I am passionate about technology, gaming, babies, web design (I sell them) etc so might look there next

      I think "passionate" is overused and misunderstood when it comes to finding your niche. You don't know what you're really passionate about yet. Most people don't have a clue but they keep looking - Gurus pump out wrong information and the right information in the wrong order and then take the words out of context until everyone believes the same thing. Everyone can't be wrong so nothing changes.

      Nobody says anything different because they just get ignored anyway - I get that all the time but that's their business, not mine. Anyway, what you need to concentrate on finding what you LIKE to do. Whatever you ENJOY doing and then you will WANT to work everyday Money is NOT a reason. It is always a result that comes from what you decide to do.

      If you want to be rich, get used to spending your time doing only what you want because that's how you make money. You get paid big money for expert work and when that happens you have found your passion. If what you like doing doesn't end up making you enough money, then you won't be passionate about it. NEXT.

      Passion is getting paid a lot of money for doing what you love every day. There are 35 free sites you can check out below and watch the RICH GUY Video so you don't forget what they really think about the rest of us.

      I retired in 2005 at 43 and now I give away websites like these for FREE [hosting excluded]

      When you make at least $100+ per month, we split the profit 80/20 and YOU get the 80% Until then, you keep 100% and I'll help you drive traffic, get backlinks and put the domain in your name too!
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    I used to use a software called the keyword tool dominator. I know that it's somewhat obscure and most people here probably haven't heard of it, but it's probably one of the the most powerful niche finding tools I've yet to use.

    The program itself isn't all that fancy and all it does is pull the target keywords off the top results (not sure how many, maybe top 100?) for the seed keyword you input. It then pulls that data for those keywords from GAKT and then you can filter it based on searches and CPC. The reason I love it so much is the sheer number of keywords it returns. Just inputting a single simple keyword like "fishing" for example would return 2000 results or so. You can then filter those and search again using those keywords. Even with my ridiculously slow internet it allowed me to go through approximately 10,000 keywords in under an hour all from a single broad category seed keyword and filter those down to ones that have profitability.

    This doesn't give you the competition but you can just take the data from it and import it into some other keyword research tool.

    However, the program seems down at the moment, something to do with the API. But I would definitely recommend it especially considering it's only like $39.

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    Think of what niche that interest you. Your hobbies. This is one good thing that will definitely help you get a good niche.
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