Yet to be successful marketers should not create money making products? But is it alright...

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It makes perfect sense for a newbie not to CREATE IM products
or make money products: but is it a reasonable choice for me not
to PROMOTE them, also?
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    As basic as it may be; this is a serious question.

    Can at least one person tell me if promoting a make money product
    is as easy for a Newbie as promoting products in different niches?
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      It is admirable that you understand that trying to sell your own IM related products while still new to the field is a great plan.

      As far as promoting and selling IM related products as an affiliate, I don't think it a bad idea.

      However, I think that trying other niches will give you much more experience. It will give you experience in research, marketing to an audience, possibly product creation, seo, traffic techniques etc. All of this experience can be gained at the expense of a market that has no real relevance to the M2M(marketing to marketers) niche. This way once you have perfected your techniques, THEN at that point you have some experience and have something to bring to the table in this niche.

      Just my opinion though. Take that for what it is worth.

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