i need some sales advice till my sites up and running

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hi, ive recently broke links and cancelled with who i had my site hosted with and builder and training guide as it was costing me too much and ive cut my losses.
i've got me a new domain which will be www.istayhealthy.co.uk and got a new hosting site and im just working on my pages before i go live.

one of my set of products which i own the master resell licenses for are health fitness and lifestyle dvds. heres the titles.

Learn Massage Techniques Baby Massage, Thai Massage & Anti Cellulite Massage.

Learn Reflexology For Ears, For Hands & For Feet.

Learn how to swim Part 1 & 2 for kids/toddlers & Parts 1 & 2 for Adults.

Learn Yoga Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced and Kids Course.

Life Coaching Personal Power, Goal setting & Success & Change.

Learn Pilates For Men, 6 pack abs & Over 50s Routine.

Self Defence for Women Rape Prevention, Close Quarter Attacks &
Surviving Urban Attacks.

Self Defence for Men Close Quarter Attacks 1 & 2, Surviving Knife Attack, Firearms Attack & Ground Attack.

Back Pain Relief Neck/Back Routine, Pilates Routine & Stretch Routine.

Learn Golf Long Game, Short Game, Practice & Drills & Etiquette & Management.

Pilates Sexy Bum & Thigh Routine.

Learn Poledancing Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced Course.

i've recently sold all 39 to new zealand, switzerland and california in a sale i had on my site for £390 which is just £10 a licence (this sale price was for all 39 sold,individual prices where a bit more), but now while my sites down i'm still wanting to sell some but not sure where (i cant on ebay)
i'm just wanting some advice from someone whos been there done it on how i can sell these.
i need to learn some advertising skills as i think these are a great product,with resell rights and ive even added the artwork for each of the 39 dvds in with the price which are editable for the customers use.
i would even be happy if i sold just one pack of all 39 licences a week to start with but as a newbie im a bit stuck

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    Hello Ray,

    The most important thing that you need to do with your web site is to make sure that it is found when people search for the products that you are selling.

    The health and fitness market is massive and very competitive so you need to spend time to get this right.

    What keywords and key phrases are people searching with? What is the best way to optimise your web site so that Google, Bing and other search engines like it? Huge subject area.

    I suggest you start by using the Wordtracker keywords tool. You get 7 days free trial and then you need to subscribe but it is very good if you use it properly.

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      thanks tom, when i had my other site up, i googled keep fit workouts, i was on page 1, and as for the dvd resell rights keywords i was on page 3 so i thought i wasnt doing too bad. had loads of other keywords but wont go into that now.
      the guy that bought from me from new zealand actually saw my site on page 3 as he typed in plr dvd resell rights and he bought from me as i was a bit cheaper than the competition.
      i was just hoping there was somewhere i can sell these licences while my sites being built. some classifieds ive seen dont let you sell this type of resell rights, and i want to be carefull
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