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Hello Warrior Forum!

Im about to start creating my first website and i now have a type of product in mind that i think i will promote.

Since im a beginner, I decided to give amazon a shot and see what i can do. Does any IM have an amazon affiliate website that is one niche but multi products that they could show me that is relatively successful. As the course i have, it only presents a multi niche multi product site. You may do it through PM , what ever is easiest.

Thanks again!
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    If you can afford it, take the Jan Roos Physical Affiliate Course or 1 on 1 amazon Coaching by Michael Franklin. Do a search and you will easily fins the threads. Always try and do thins the right way the first time and the results will follow.
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    Those two courses may be useful. I would also suggest you join commission junction and other physical sites.

    Commission Junction has a "stake" in their sale results and product managers who will work with member sites. Getting set up will most likely require an established site - a few weeks and products - but it is a goal as you continue to build your business.

    Search the web for affiliate programs and check out pet products. Pet market is huge and doesn't seem to have been much impacted by the downturn. Most folks will do without a lot before they give up their best friend - their pet.

    Just some thoughts but hope you find a niche. Just keep pluging - continue your movement and the market will eventually appear. Lots of "free" or reduced programs will give you great experience.

    Best of luck - leave a note on my site and we can begin to share experiences. We may find it useful to get honest critiques on our work from time to time.

    Cheers !
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  • So switch it from multi-niche to a single-niche with multi-products. That's the thing about websites and WP and such: You can change things around very easily and quickly.

    Once you get one done, use the template for another niche with multi-products.

    Here's a link to an excellent thread started by Dan Brock about utilizing product review sites with Amazon:

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      Thanks for your help !
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