Does Anyone Make Money Using Video?

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And in particular, affiliate videos?
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    I just made a sale on affiliate Twitter videos. I had stopped promoting this product but someone found one of my links and signed up!

    You can make money with AdSense on your videos but you have to have enormous amounts of views before they even consider you.
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      Video can bring Visitors to your product or business so quality must be in Video.
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    I use video frequently to promote product, drive traffic, and build backlinks. I also use them to ninja 1st page Google rankings to land clients.

    Discover total local search optimization and mobile search domination in a step by step course!

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    Marketing through video is one of the best ways to do it. Some people are auditory learners, and I would rather watch a video then have to read an article. I know a few people who have accumulated massive amounts of wealth through marketing of video training.
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      Originally Posted by MCD View Post

      Marketing through video is one of the best ways to do it.
      I completely agree, especially if you can get the video to go viral. Then your traffic becomes huge and if you are promoting a product, your sales should go through the roof!
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    I'll sometimes do something like this. I'll demo a product and then have a link to the service.

    Article Marketing Robot << Video has probably 500 views, which I think is pretty cool.

    ^This video is for article link building software. I didn't actually make it for the affiliate link, but more for the people that were asking me for it.
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  • I use it in affiliate marketing in the sense that it is the quickest way to get yourself ranked and noticed in a niche.

    However, I have had more success by using video to get people to visit my site and then buy rather than placing an affiliate link beneath the video and hoping people will go straight to the product.

    Tap into the Video Gold Mine with my Free 4 Part Offline Cash Secrets video course.

    If you want to FINALLY start making money online then check out Instant Internet Lifestyle blog.

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    Originally Posted by Andrei Rotariu View Post

    And in particular, affiliate videos?
    Nope! not yet.
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    The only money that I have tracked though video is what I have earned though CPA offers and it's been working out really well
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    Yes, I've made money creating video based products - both for myself and other people. They command a much higher price point than e-books. I've also used video to drive traffic to websites.

    I don't do much affiliate stuff, although there is one product I'm promoting at the moment (not in the IM niche) which has a video only sales page, and converts quite well.
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      I use video in my marketing to generate awareness and build authority but not to promote affiliate products. It is an integral part of my marketing mix :=)

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      and join me for Free Tutorial at YouTube Louisa Chan

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    There are internet marketer make money using video. This is one of their way in promoting their product and selling.
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    My understand is if you use video properly you can use it to drive traffic to your site, offers etc. Think about google search results - when you see a video thumbnail - your eye automatically goes to it - as it stands out from the text results.
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    You can make money a ton of different ways using video, and much of them have already been mentioned. Here's just a few ways to use videos to make money.

    • Use videos as a traffic builder
    • Use videos as promotional tool
    • Create video products
    • Use video sales letters instead of long copy
    • Build up your Youtube channel with comments, views, and subscribers (not too hard) until Youtube wants to partner with you

    There's others but you get the idea. My sig might be able to help you out more

    YouTube Marketing Mastery - Discover what you can do with YouTube.
    YouTube Marketing Mastery

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    Of course they do. I got a ton of conversions on one video I had my then-ex make just talking about some stuff regarding my website. It was a 45-second clip, got about 40,000 views, and I think I made maybe 15 sales off it? I didn't even have an overlay link. It was a crappy little text link in the description (this was before I knew how to do overlays; I was just starting.)

    Looking to start a video campaign soon. It's expensive to get models, though. Might have my current girlfriend do some.

    (btw, females are the best for videos.)
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    Video marketing is capable of generating traffic in high volumes as the intelligent and technologically savvy searchers of today are expecting more than just online content and because many of them are attracted to visual learning, video marketing is quickly filling their expectations, and in the process are offering a big contribution to your rankings.
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    I do well with video. What works well in particular for me, and has for a long time now, is video reviews where I go inside the product/members area and talk about, and show, pros and cons. Always returning to the main benefit/problem solved too.

    A percentage of the time if you can get in touch with the seller of the programme, not always possible I admit, you can outline what you are doing and get access, saves you buying the programme yourself, every cent can count at the start. But yes, video converts
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    I once did a promoting job for a band on youtube and I am sure that they had a major portion of their revenue coming from their videos online! Like other things, videos can be a constant revenue stream if handled nicely.
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      Forgot to say too, if you are doing CPA at all, Markethealth + Video can be a big winner if done correctly
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  • There is a new WSO by Simon Greenalsh called Video Heist that shows you exactly how to make and promote videos that go straight to affiliate offers.

    The course itself is very good but I am still waiting for the results!

    Tap into the Video Gold Mine with my Free 4 Part Offline Cash Secrets video course.

    If you want to FINALLY start making money online then check out Instant Internet Lifestyle blog.

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      There was another WSO a few months back, Offline video profits, I think, the warriors name escapes me at the min, apologies, but it had a good section on optimising, ranking and converting from vid
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    There are $1997 courses on video marketing and they would'nt exist if it wasn't a hot method to make money.

    I've made money with videos: and this is my approach:
    Create a new domain for the product you are promoting..
    Make sure your review site.. look and feel is similar to that of the product your promoting. Embed you affiliate website INSIDE the video and on the description.

    Secondly, if the product you are promoting had a prelaunch.. download one of the content videos with realplayer or downloadhelper and upload it on your channel.. of course put your aff. website inside the video and on the description..

    I've made lot's of sales on videos on youtube.. sometimes its hard to determine if the sale was solely made from the video.. especially if you are using multiple traffic sources.

    Secondly, if you put yout aff. domain INside the video i.e. you'll find lots of increased Direct traffic, especially if the video is shared on social media or embedded on some site.. viewers are likely to jot down the URL and visit it directly.

    If you Insert and affiliate link like: www.
    who has the time to type that.. they will just use a search engine to google some of the keywords in the video to land on the product site and this way your marketing is wasted in LOST commissions.


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    I use videos very often, and it is one of the best ways to drive traffic.
    JOVS Canada | JOVS US | JOVS UK | Kroatien | Vivre | Amazly
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    Alot of people people under estimate the power of video. I been using video marketing for over 2 years and have been making successful income from a range of different campaigns. Video's can potentially generate millions of views as you already know, but the key is they need to be structured.

    I have my own video marketing course which I have created which fully goes over how to create videos that sell how to make an income through video marketing. We were selling it over webinars and have had massive interest.

    I may be releasing it as a WSO soon with a super discount. Current price it is selling for Is $997.
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    If you know which offers to promote, and if you do some decent Video SEO to get your video ranked in you tube and google, you can definitely make some cash.
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