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I have 30 unique visitors today from cpanel awstat but from google analystics I only see 1 unique visitor. I am confused?
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    Awstats is far more reliable. Awstats uses your log file as a data source, and it doesn't get any more reliable than log file.

    On the other hand, Google Analytics collects its own data using a piece of Javascript. If your visitors' browser doesn't support Javascript, or visitors leave before the Javascript loads, GA won't register the visit.
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    Anything that uses your sites log files to calculate stats are more reliable than google analytic. Heck even prosper202 is more reliable from what I have seen.

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      I'm not sure if server logs distinguish between robots and real visitors properly and what do they consider "unique visitor".

      As Miroslav wrote, GA needs Javascript to be loaded, so there can be some declination in its measures, but it is still considered very credible.

      Rather than focusing on exact numbers I would observe TRENDS in your traffic.

      Best regards.
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