Opt-in, but have nothing to give? World of Warcraft Fanpage

by SuitUp
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I have built a facebook fanpage around World of Warcraft (computer game),
the fanpage is running very well and people are active whenever I post something.

My problem is now that I want to get the fans to sign up for my email list,
but I do not have anything to offer for the sign up :/

I know the game (played it A LOT some years ago) but there are new updates
all the time which means that the content needs to be very fresh. I have found some guides, PLR, and other stuff around the internet but all of it is outdated..

Anyone have some input on how I can get signups ? I have considered to outsource a small report, but that will be expensive and I do not have a very big budget.

Thanks !
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    Go and have a look around in your niche. Sign up for your competitors
    lists and see what they offer. See what show's up in Google PPC, Paid
    traffic, etc.

    If they're paying for the advertising then I'm sure they'll be converting
    or they wouldn't be waisting their money on it.

    I don't really know the game but why can't you offer something like
    cheat of the day or week and send these out by broadcast so
    they're always upto date.

    If it is a niche you know then surely it won't be that difficult for
    you to put something together on a regular basis,

    Good luck
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    your bribe can be to Offer News and Updates "WHEN THEY HAPPEN"

    Example: a new Update, VU rolls out with a changelog. Be one of the first people and post that to your list.

    Use Bookmarking sites, RSS, and Especially Google's news thing (I tiredly forget the name of)

    you can even go beyond that and include interviews of top players in the game, or even guilds, on a weekly bases. I know for sure people will be interested in that.

    Also interview people who got Rare finds, Kills, Scores, etc.

    So here is your example "Bribe":
    "Sign up to get news on WoW WHEN THEY HAPPEN.
    Get interviews from Top Players/Guilds, and even players with Rare Items."
    ^ Clean up the Sentence and make it more appealing in your own words.

    If you wanted more help, hit me up and I will help you out.

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      interviews are a great idea to add to your arsenal
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    Hi - I'd create a series called something like: "The 7 WOW Secrets that will (do whatever)". Get a e-book cover done for a fiverr. Simplez.

    Regards Allen

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    You might not know it but your fan page acts as an email list. You can send a direct message to all the fans of your page via the admin area of your fan page. No need to convert them over into AWeber or something.
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      What problems do you think you reader will have when you come to your site? What solution are you offering?

      You could then offer a very quick but sure way that your readers can benefit from from. nothing fancy, but something that works that speaks to their needs. When they see a possible solution they will want that bribe. Try it and let us know how it goes. Good luck

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    Thanks for the responses! Your suggestions gave me some good ideas and I'm already on the move.. Will have something ready in no time!

    Thanks again!
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