Question or Statement ~ Which works better?

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Hi Everyone,

I'm in the process of putting together a video and the effect I'm going
for is a movie-trailer type feel that's dramatic and attention grabbing.

So I'd like to hear your opinion on which you feel is better...

A Question:

Want to increase the visibility of your Business?
Want more customers?


A Statement:

Increase visibility to your Business!
Get more customers!

I know psychologically it's good to get people subconsciously saying "yes"
and questions do that, but statements have a lot of drama and punch.

So what do you guys think?

Kind Regards,
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    A statement is more appropriate if someone is already in the mindset for what they are looking for.

    A question is more appropriate if someone is browsing generally.

    For example, in the WSO section, a statement is more effective because people browsing there know what they want.

    Whereas, someone generally browsing the internet will not react to a statement as well because something like, "get more customers!" will be out of context if they were on a website either unrelated or not directly related to Internet Marketing, or marketing in general in this case.

    Hope that helps,


    Steven Patterson - Affiliate Marketer & Entrepreneur

    Look out for "The Power of In-Store Marketing" in the WSO section COMING SOON!!

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      Thanks that helps a lot.

      So targeting offline customers to make their sites
      mobile friendly, you would go for the question and
      not the statement?

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      • All things being equal, I prefer to ask Qs. For example, I run Critical Conditioning, a personal training company, most of my ads start with something like "Cant lose the baby belly? Find out how with X's No.1 Personal Trainer!". (I also target the ad)

        Just days left! My complete website is now for sale, click here for more details! Just days left, DO NOT MISS OUT on such a rare opportunity!

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    Thanks so much...
    So the general consensus so far is leaning towards asking questions.
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      Originally Posted by noangel View Post

      Thanks so much...
      So the general consensus so far is leaning towards asking questions.
      I disagree. I think questions have been over used to the point of them coming across as kind of "cheesey."

      I think statements are far more compelling. I prefer to use the same format in all my copy, which sort of goes like this:

      If you'd like to learn how to get more customers and dominate your local market...all while working less than you do now, this video will completely change how you do business

      ok...something like that. But my point is, you can do more with this than simply asking a question because it's gripping and almost forces them to continue reading/watching, etc
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    Thanks Killercopy you make a great point and I agree that it is
    very over used in the IM world and marketers are immune to it...
    Much like "Who else wants to"...

    But the questions is this... ;-)

    Will local businesses feel the same way, as they have not been
    subjected to the sales and ad copy we see on a daily basis.

    So if you were looking at it with fresh eyes, would you still feel
    the same way?

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    Thank you Ken,

    That is valuable advice. I will definitely take that into consideration.

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    Hey Angel,

    You said this is for a video? Targeting offline businesses? and promoting Mobile advertising?

    How are the customers getting to this video? Will this be on a sales page? Squeeze page, introduction email or ?

    I generally go with questions, but Killer Copy made a very good point and opened my eyes up a little...
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    Thanks Coby,

    The idea is to have it on a small sales page that is short and to the point.

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    Super old thread, yes, but the answer is A/B test

    Marketing Wine Online

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