$100 Adwords Credit - ends 31st may, 2011

by askloz
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hey everyone

I can't use this b'cos they keep saying my account is too old to have it applied

So maybe someone else can make use of it?

Your code:

Expires 5/31/2011
How to redeem your $100 credit:

(1) Log in to your AdWords Account at www.adwords.google.com
(2) Click the Billing tab and then click Billing preferences
(3) Type your coupon code [5MHE-PAJK-MV7X-54UP-YP6A] in the Redeem Code section, and then click Redeem

Taking advantage of your $100 credit is easy, but hurry because this offer expires on May 31st, 2011!


Your Google AdWords Team
Hope this helps

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