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I am finished my first ever Ebook.

Now I want to sell it... however, from doing research...I am wondering if it is better to sell it on the Clickbank Marketplace or on Amazon?

What do you guys think?????

Now, I am leaning towards Clickbank, but maybe Amazon may be better????
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    It's not about where you are selling it. It's all about how you are marketing it, I think.
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    i would think that if you're interested in attracting affiliates than clickbank is probably the better way to go for an informational product
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    Assuming it isn't selling an IM method or program, why not sell it on both?

    In case you haven't heard, many IM topics don't seem to do well on amazon.

    Of course, as Jkhurramov already mentioned, it's more about marketing than where you sell it. No matter what venues you use, you are still going to need external marketing to send traffic to the venue.

    Selling through Clickbank (and affiliates) doesn't emliminate the need to market the product. Just putting it on ClickBank won't guarantee the affiliates you need for a successful product. Unless you are using ClickBank as a payment processing facility, you need to be able to show at least some sales to attract affiliates.

    Similarly, selling an ebook through Kindle (Amazon) requires external marketing, or people just won't find your ebook. There are a huge number of titles available for the Kindle, and many have extremely similar if not identical titles. This makes it much harder to capture sales based on title. Thus, you need to send people to a specific llink if you expect to build sales there.
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