7 tricks on How to increase personal productivity and earn more money

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Increasing personal productivity is something that all of us internet marketers need to improve on. Not only that we need to be careful time managers, we also need to take good shortcuts and get things done.

Those who are careful time managers are those people who inevitably succeed. We already know that hard work and persistence pays of in the long run, but what we fail to realize is that most of the time, we are spending doing the wrong things, that aren't returning equal amount of wealth, in comparison to time invested. Hell mostly that effort brings way less than your day jobs!

So what are those ingredients that are driving successful internet marketers to the success that we are striving to so much? How do they manage to get millions on their mailing lists, while you are struggling with 2 digits subscribers on your mailing list?

First piece of the puzzle is time tracking. If you look upon Timothy Ferris, you will notice that he is micro managing his time and is very well aware of the tasks that are delivering the results to him. Manage your time in fron of your computer. Be aware of how much time online you spend socializing and how much time you spend actually working!

Second piece is PLANNING! When you know where your time is going, it will become easier to manage it. How do you manage your time? You weed out all of those activities that aren't yielding in steps that are getting you closer to achieving the tasks that you planned. It is easier to plan, when you know what you DON'T want to do and what doesn't get you closer to your dreams. One of the cool things that can help you plan your time is Google Calendar.

Third piece is your gear also know as gadgets: Online marketers tools of the trade are his gear! If you don't have top notch device that does the job properly, than you are utterly wasting your time. How many times you were rebooting your Windows XP? How many times it crashed? Invest in your tools of the trade. Our gadgets are one of the most important tools of our trade. I not only have desktop and laptop. On top of it, I own a tablet and a smartphone, which I utilize to the maximum. If you want to know a bit more about how to choose the right gadgets for you, read this. But having all of these doesn't make you get the more done, that's where the third piece of the puzzle kicks in:

Fourth piece is levering your "wasted time": In order to make most out of our "wasted time" while we are commuting, we need to utilize those fancy gadgets and get them to work for us. I tend to listen to audioprograms while I am commuting! It made a huge impact on my education, not only in IM, but in others area of my life. Imagine that you are waiting in line at the bank. While most of other people are standing there and cursing their destiny for having to wait, I am one of those guys, who are hapily working on his cell phone, answering those critical emails and SAVING that time, so I can focus on what's really important, when I come back home. And that is CREATING!

Fifth piece is motivation! You need to be motivated in order to achieve your goals. Having constant image of your future better self is critical, to keep you energized while you are working! That picture of greater success is a drive for all those long boring hours, that we would love to skip, and just get to the candy (our goals). Appreciate and love the time you spend working on your online business, because that time is the time, that will get you to your ultimate dream destination. Problem with ticket to that place, is that you have to pay everything in advance, which requires a lot of sacrifice and devotion, which leads us to:

Sixth piece of the puzzle: DISCIPLINE. Strong willpower and discipline to consistently do the things that are bringing in the result is determining factor between success and failure. Not many people are disciplined enough to push out the most output in the least amount of time. Dedication to religiously follow up on your planned tasks and to do list is rare skill, that will those most determined cling on to. If you posses this skill, you are deserving of your dreams.

Seventh piece of the puzzle is automation! Always look to automate all the tasks that are possible to automate! If you can syndicate your content through online tools, good idea would be to handle it completely with software and services. If you are earning money, you should consider hiring Virtual Assistents to help you with your content, link building efforts and many other repetitive tasks.

I know that if you follow these guidelines, you will be on good road to success. Getting results in online business is all about knowing what you are doing and doing it consistently, because you know that it brings results. If you aren't sure, you have to rethink what are you doing. Make that step, and shift your mindset so that you do what's necessary to get you headed in right direction, direction you decided to go!
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