Misspelled Domain name should I sell?

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I have a domain I bought today swiming-pool.com, it is a misspelled domain name with great keyword results, I am hoping this was a smart investment as I am just getting started with domain filliping.

I know there are many factors that play into domain value, but I would appreciate the opinions from those of you who are experienced in this business.

I am thinking of holding to design blog, Please give your opinion.

Thank you.
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    I think misspelled domains no longer have much of a value because of the auto correct in Google search. Been there, done that. Didn't work for me.... regards Allen

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      Allen is correct about Google's auto correct feature, because that did have a big impact on the benefits of having a misspelled domain.

      They do still have value for type in traffic, which is when people type the address of the website directly into the URL bar.

      The problem with your domain though is the hyphen, because hardly anyone is going to be typing in swimming-pool.com in the first place. Especially as the correctly spelled domain isn't even a developed site.

      If you are going to go for a misspelled domain, never get one with hyphens in it. Look for ones that are a misspelling of a very popular phrase.

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    Well many are experienced but many will often give you different opinions too. I think it still has value. I've seen misspellings show up in SERPs and they seem to be holding their own. It just won't have retype value, meaning if someone wants to come back to it, they won't remember the correct spelling.


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    I generally only get "misspellings" of domain names for domains I own so somebody can't ride my coattails quite as easily, but if I were to get into flipping or taking advantage of somebody else I wouldn't get a misspelled domain unless the proper domain was already an established site that was doing well or I thought that hte misspelled domain was really good.

    But, as I said, my only misspelled domains are for folks that type my own domains in wrong, and I probably wouldn't have gone with this specific one anyway.
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    I don't really think that would be good investment, regardless of google spell correction. Usually the profitable typo domains are typos from big companies, for example "goggle.com"


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    I have a domain that is misspelled. But for whatever reason that domain is #1 Google ranked for the correct keyword. So you can make it work for you.
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      Originally Posted by mnlewis View Post

      But for whatever reason...
      That phrase pretty much sums up Google these days!


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    Depends on your purpose of having the domain.. There's still a lot traffic in misspellings though that a lot of marketers seem to miss...

    Elion Makkink

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