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I like to personally email my audience on a daily or at least weekly basis. However, many marketers are afraid to do this because they don't want to piss off their list by filling email boxes and causing knee-jerk unsubscribes.

I'd like to argue with you today that the people who don't want you sending them information on a daily basis are not the people you want on your list. Someone who is enjoying your emails on a daily basis is going to love to try out your products and other recommendations.

So whatcha' think, am I wrong or right? How often do you feel you should email your list?
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    Don't treat your list all the same.

    Some people want to hear from you every day.

    Some people don't even want to hear from you once a week.

    I've set-up my lists to adjust the frequency of contact in
    response to how active they are on my list, e.g. how many
    links they click on, how many sublists they're on, etc.

    If they click on more links or are on more sublists, they'll get
    more e-mails from me because they've demonstrated more
    interest in my messages - by their behavior.

    If you still want to have just one frequency of contact, then
    at least test it so you find the optimum for your style and
    your list.

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    Originally Posted by Chris The Traffic Blogger View Post

    I'd like to argue with you today that the people who don't want you sending them information on a daily basis are not the people you want on your list. Someone who is enjoying your emails on a daily basis is going to love to try out your products and other recommendations.
    My subscriber even pay me to get my emails daily.

    The others also get daily emails and they love it!

    Whoever tells you that mailing daily is bad tries to take money out of your pocket - watch out!

    If you have a "friend" that does not want to be around you on a daily basis - is that person a friend?

    Or can you imagine to be married and your spouse does not want to see you every day...

    So, send 'em daily and get rid of the ones that are dead anyhow!

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    depends on what kind of email are you sending daily...

    If you send sales pitch every single day you will drain out your list pretty quickly.

    In the other hand if you send every day some useful info or even a clever insight and a sales pitch every week or two you will be just fine.

    The problem though is where to came up with something worth to say every single day... is kind of tired IMO

    I prefer to write twice a week and once a month a sales pitch.
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      You know, a daily email with predetermined content that you agree to receive is fine and even if it does have a link for a product. What gets me is 2 and 3 and 4 emails per day from the same mailer and they have the same thing as 10 others you are getting email from.

      I thin out my subscriptions every once in a while for three reasons, duplicate content, content getting old or recycled and just too much email period. I also am willing to try out someone new until they give me a reason to unsubscribe which is usually fairly quick based on what I get from them.

      Also, it seems that every body and their brother/sister is sending add swap links to build their list. This is ok I guess if you have the time to click on all of them. The thing is they toote that the item you will be getting by clicking onto their "Friends" page is the ebest thing since sliced bread. If that were the case, there would be no need to buy anything.

      One thing that some are doing is that when you go to unsubscribe, they will ask if you feel they are emailing too often and give you a chance to stay subscribed for emails on a less frequent basis. How about that?

      All I am saying is "keep it real" treat you subscriber like you want to be treated. I believe you will make the same amount of money or more in the long run unless you dont have much time left. My opinion only!!

      A J
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        My marketing model is hard hitting daily promotions, which also contains valuable information and free resources, tools, etc for my clients. Primarily it's a sales funnel to quickly sift through and weed out the non-buyers and free loaders. Believe it or not, there are highly lucrative markets where professionals are offended by being patronized and much prefer a no-nonsense, direct approach.
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    I think I know where Chris is getting this info from... does copyblogger's last interview ring a bell??

    Haha, incredible information there! But there are very specific techniques you have to use to make sure you don't burn out your list... and in fact, have people WANTING to get your emails every day. But I paid a few hundred bucks for that info, so I'm not telling

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      You should email your list as frequently as you have something valuable or interesting to share.

      For example, Groupon emails their list every day and people usually look forward to those emails hitting their inboxes every morning.

      The emails are quality, unsubscribes will be minimal.
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    Daily email would just irritate your readers, it is much better if you do it once in two weeks, have you noticed several big websites they do the newsletter once or twice a month in this way people would somehow be quite excited about the updates or latest info on these sites.
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      This is a perpetual topic and you will never find a consensus or a one-size fits all answer beyond what works for you, your niche, and you own sensibilities and workflow.

      IMO, if you want your emails to be read you don't want to abuse your list. At the same time, if you want your list to produce, you don't want to ignore them either.

      Just another balancing act.

      All but a select few of the lists I'm on get filtered to an IM folder. That folder currently has over 900 unread emails, the oldest of which arrived about 10 months ago.
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    You don't want me on your list. Email dailies are an instant unsubscribe for me.
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    Originally Posted by Chris The Traffic Blogger View Post

    I'd like to argue with you today that the people who don't want you sending them information on a daily basis are not the people you want on your list.
    More to the point, if you don't feel that you can talk to your audience as much as you would LIKE to talk to your audience, they're not really your audience.

    That's no matter how often - or how rarely - you would like to talk to them. If you want to email them once a month and they would prefer a daily mail, it is just as much a failure as if you want to email them daily and they only want an email once a month.

    And you can't change how often they want to hear from you, so do what you want to do - it's your damn list - and the people who dont like it can leave.
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    I agree with testing to see what works best...

    My buyers list don't get as many emails from me, about 3-5 a week with one of those likely being an offer, sometimes more...

    Non buyers get emails almost everyday - sometimes twice a day, maybe more.

    The difference in frequency is the non-buyers get a few more offers (to try to move them to the buyers list) and one to two adswaps per week...

    Find what works best for your style and your bottom line and go with it every niche, every product, every list will be different...
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    Well if your subscribers are expecting an email daily, than why not? However if your clients are just expecting sporadic emails of updates and whatnot, I would limit this to twice a week.

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    I did a test of this with 1000 people on one of my newer list.

    They did buy stuff, but eventually you could see them behind their screens, say, junk and just delete them.

    The money is in the list, btu in how well your relationship is with them.
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