Boogey-Man Prevention System or Free Pet Snake?

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Which would you buy?

My friend contacted me this weekend with a problem. He was trying to get rid of his son's pet snake. They had it for 10 years and the kid is headed off to college next year so they wanted to give it to a young kid who would play with it more than his son did anymore.

He put an ad on Craigslist and didn't get much response. His ad read:


Free Pet Snake

50/50 California king
cage included.


After getting flagged and taken down a few times, he called me and said, "you do that Internet stuff. Can you help us?"

I asked him a few questions and put together the following ad.


[b]Boogey Man Prevention System[/]

Comes with everything you need to keep the Boogey Man away from your child's room.

This 10 year old 50/50 California king snake is not only the absolutely perfect pet for your child, but it is also 100% guaranteed to ward off not only The Boogey Man, but it also repels Closet Monsters, Shadow People, Under-the-Bed Gremlins, Trolls, Ogres and all Scary-Dream Creatures. It will keep your child perfectly safe from all night-time creepy-crawlies.

While this snake is only about 4 feet long and the thickness of your thumb, it makes ZERO noise, only eats a few times a month,comes with NO smell, is perfectly harmless to humans of all kinds and a ton of fun to play with... it has special powers that protect children from any harm.

Just knowing that your new Snake/pet/Boogey Man Prevention System is in the house, you and your child will sleep better at night. Because you'll be sleeping better at night, knowing that your house will be free of all the typical children's room evil-doers, you will have more energy and better focus at work. You will likely get a promotion and a raise. Your peers will respect you more and your spouse will have more and better sex with you.

You really can't go wrong with this all-in-one life-changing system.

Comes with a roomy, glass tank, swimming pool/drinking vessel/spa, climbing branch/look-out tower, secret cave/lair/command center, lamp and heat pad as well as picturesque background scenery. Water for swimming pool/drinking vessel/spa sold separately.

Also included is a handy invisible fort of solitude/clear plastic travel cage. It is completely invisible except for the lid and the handle which you can totally see as well as the clear plastic part when viewed from the right angle. And of course when the snake is inside the invisible fort of solitude/clear plastic travel cage you can sort of make out the snake as well. And by sort of, I mean you can completely see the snake in there.

Why would we be giving away an incredible snake/Boogey Man Prevention System like this you might ask. Well... the child for whom it was originally purchased some 10 years ago, has grown up, with ZERO Boogey Man encounters I might add, and is now headed off to college. He feels that the self-confidence this particular Snake/Boogey Man Prevention System has provided him over the years will allow him to face his fears on his own. This particular child, now a man, would like to pass on the amazing magical Boogey Man Preventative Powers of this wonderful pet snake to a well deserving child who will put those powers to good use.

This Boogey Man Prevention System can be yours by simply coming and picking it up and carrying it and it's appurtenances away. Installation is easy. Simply set the glass enclosure on any level surface. Done. Enjoy peace and serenity of amazing snake powers.

Please only contact us if you are seriously willing to pay the price full of FREE and have adequate transportation to move the Boogey Man Prevention System from our home, to yours.

Oh yeah... Ninjas too. It wards off Ninjas as well. Forgot to mention that.

You really can't go wrong with this thing.

e-mails only. Thanks


About 2 hours later, eight year old Elijah and his dad picked up the Boogey Man Prevention System and gave "Slithery" a new home.

Do you have any experiences with Craigslist?
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  • Profile picture of the author Rob Howard
    Good story on why copywriting, even for something that is FREE, is almost always a must.

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  • Profile picture of the author SShip
    That was a great ad. It's great you were able to help your friend. I have to say though, I'd take the boogeyman over the snake any day. I'd be having nightmares about the snake getting out of it's cage.
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  • Profile picture of the author RickDayle
    Love it... May have to steal the idea for a couple of other things sitting around the house that should go to another home.

    Definitely an effective and interesting way to move something that some people don't even want to think about. Probably got tagged because the word "snake" is an automatic shudder for a lot of folks...

    Thanks for the smile. It really brightened up my day.

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  • Profile picture of the author Rich Struck
    Honestly people looking for a snake aren't going to be interested in a cute ad. Sorry.

    Tell them to list it at Fauna Classifieds, it will be gone in 24 hours.

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  • Profile picture of the author darrinmcl
    Thanks Tracy,
    In fact the ad was only up for an accumulative time of about 30 minutes. I had 10 responses. 5 who wanted the snake and 5 who just loved the ad and thanked me for the laugh. They picked the one person who fit the type of home they were looking for.
    They were happy and the snake has a new home.
    The ad got 4 votes for "Best of Craigslist" that I know of.
    Calling it a success.
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