My name had bad reputation because of acai berry promotion,What can i do?

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I am sure you will know **** berry scams

Accidentally my bad time i promoted such articles

Now i am suffering from **** berry promotions, my name comes with lots of scam articles,i am helpless and i am confused

sure this will impact my business and i need to know how can i solve this error

shall i post a detailed explanation at about page at my new website

kindly give me your opinions and kindly provide me guidance

also i had less than 50 results at google for my name and i promoted pure **** berry also.however people know truth and they realise it they will sure give me poor place in their hearts,my hard work on my new website will be de promoted anyway because of **** berry promotions,help me what can i do?
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    I'm so sorry about your troubles. **** berries are very good for you, but the scam products gave the wonderful fruit a bad name.

    Actually, I think it wouldn't hurt to tell your story. People love a good story. In your case, you sound like you thought you were promoting something good and that you could make some quick money. It happens to people, not just you. I promoted an MLM scam about 7 years ago. I was dumb, I didn't do my due diligence, and I ended up looking like a fool to family and friends.

    People make mistakes. If you are honest and admit your mistake, then that's all you have to do. Move onwards and upwards. Work on building trust with people, and if there's one lesson to learn about all of this is this: don't promote something that you wouldn't use yourself. It's even better if you can buy the product you're selling so that when you talk to people about it, or write about it in your blog, you will actually know what you are talking about.
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