How many articles should you submit a day?

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Hi Folks,

I keep seeing comments in threads and on the net about how many articles you should submit in a given period of time. Many people seem to think that you should submit only a few a day in order that Google (again) sees the link growth of the page as normal and "organic".

So what do you think?

Thank you in advance.

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    You can good results submitting two or three good quality articles to several article directories every two or three days.
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      in my opinion: create an article that has value to readers. quantity and quality of the article are two important things.

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        Originally Posted by bigbabol View Post

        in my opinion: create an article that has value to readers. quantity and quality of the article are two important things.

        I was going to say this very thing.

        For example, if you create a guest blog post on a high quality blog then you can get a really high quality backlink not to mention branding, co-opting his audience to your site/blog/squeeze page, as well as the potential for something good to hit the social media sites hard.

        If I were to go back and start over (and I did start writing articles like a madman), I would go about finding leverage points for all my content, write less but focus on writing at a lot higher level of quality, and then recycle my content as much as humanly possible (podcasting, youtube videos, turning articles into PDFs then loadin to docstoc or scribd, etc).

        Honestly, this is the way to go and every serious article marketer I know spends time writing a lot of quality as opposed to fodder (which was bashed hard with the recent Google updates and will always be subject to getting sandboxed b/c it goes against what people want).

        As John S. Rhodes would say, "Karma keeps track of who is cool and who isn't...make sure you're cool"

        (He would say that in a much funnier, hilarious way but I paraphrased )

        Have a wonderful day!

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      You can also submit everyday but not so many. 1 or 2 articles would enough to submit per day. The point is for Google to see it as an organic article. So even if you can submit 10 articles per day, don't.
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      Originally Posted by Jkhurramov View Post

      You can good results submitting two or three good quality articles to several article directories every two or three days.
      Because we want to show google that we are humans and its an human activity. so dont post too many articles a day. If you go Really want to crazy with it, then i suggest stick to 2 articles per day.
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    I stick to 5 articles a day.

    Try to submit too many as you'll get sandboxed
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    Okay before I rip the Post from Chris apart I will give you my advice. I submit articles when I am finished with them to about 15 directories. I don't spin them because this, in my opinion, is a waste of my time. I don't worry about how many I submit a day because all the article directories approve them differently. Some approve them right away and others it could be a couple days or even a couple of weeks. This, alone, will spread your backlinks out.

    I also use a service that mass submits my articles and I see about 4 to 8 new links per day to my site. You can really go up to about 20 backlinks a day and be safe. You also have to consider that the Google spider does not find all your backlinks right away and this will also spread the links out.

    Now onto what Chris said:

    Originally Posted by Chris Kent View Post

    Zero. Article submitting is largely a waste of time these days. The alternatives are way better.

    Panda has not just hit existing articles submitted in terms of the traffic drop but, in my view, it has also affected any new submissions since it went into effect by WAY more. I've submitted on a number of niches using the same methods as before but had barely 10% of the traffic, if that.

    There's few things more demoralising than writing twenty high-quality, 700 word articles and submitting them to the major directories and, instead of getting 10 or 20 hits per day for months to instead get only 10 in total!!

    And that's why I don't submit to article directories anymore. Google has disuaded me.
    I would venture to say that the proof for me that article marketing is not a waste of time is the fact that I have built a full time business around it and I have done very little other than article marketing and good SEO.

    My personal opinion is that if you have 25 articles of 700 words or more and you submit them to the major directories and you only see a few hits from the every month, then either what you think is high quality is not or you are in a niche that just does not get much traffic from articles.

    All niches are different and some of them get a ton of traffic from articles whereas others do not.

    However, let's look at article marketing from a different perspective.

    1. When you write, submit, and have an article approve you are getting traffic for the rest of that article's life. This could be many, many years and that means quite a bit of traffic over time.

    2. That same article provides a backlink to your site that is of higher quality than many others. This is more important to Google than having a ton of backlinks. They now put more weight on higher quality backlinks.

    3. If it took you a full hour to write and submit that article how much money does it really need to make you to make it worth that hour? If it makes you 5 sales a year and you get a $20 commission per sale, then you get $100 a year from one article. That is incredibly obtainable.

    Benjamin Ehinger
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    If you looking to build pagerank then you will want to be building up a steady flow of backlinks, depending on the time you have to write articles a day you want to submit the same every day. Unless of course you outsource this?

    I generally try to get an article submitted every couple of days, I also mix up which directories I send them to so the search engines start seeing links coming from other places.

    All you have to watch for when submitting to different directories is how long it takes to be approved, as this will affect the "flow" of backlinks. Ezine will take a couple of weeks whereas some others will only take a couple of days.
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    I am a very firm believer in Quality over Quantity. One top quality article per day is usually all I can manage because it's never a case of churning out just more of the same. Instead, I research and read, look for new angles, FRESH information. This takes time in itself. I have set up a lot of my keywords (plus associated LSI keywords) in Google alerts, and these are often all I need for targeted research.
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    i think 2 high quality articles and i mean HIGH quality should be for me in order to prevent being sandbox which is a pain....ouch!
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    Hi! There, If your article content id different, then you can submit it on more then article directories, else ezine is best and 1- 2.
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    Originally Posted by klein risley View Post

    Hi Folks,

    I keep seeing comments in threads and on the net about how many articles you should submit in a given period of time. Many people seem to think that you should submit only a few a day in order that Google (again) sees the link growth of the page as normal and "organic".

    So what do you think?

    Thank you in advance.

    Atmost 3 per day.You should give importance to quality over quantity.Remember that if the article is very good visitors may share it via digg,twitter or Facebook and hence your traffic will increase.
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    Stick to 5 good, 100% unique, on niche a day, everyday (including sundays!) and you will soon get some decent traffic and trackbacks :-)
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    I've only written about 4-5 articles in my entire campaign for the last 2 months and my site has been going up the rankings slowly but surely.

    Some of the people here are mentioning 50 articles a day. What? I figure that's for traffic more than for SEO purposes, but anyway - 50 articles - how do you do that? Outsourcing like crazy maybe...
    All you can do is all you can do - Art Williams
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    Originally Posted by klein risley View Post

    Hi Folks,

    I keep seeing comments in threads and on the net about how many articles you should submit in a given period of time. Many people seem to think that you should submit only a few a day in order that Google (again) sees the link growth of the page as normal and "organic".

    So what do you think?

    Thank you in advance.


    There are so many moving parts and variables to submitting articles because it will depend on what you are using them for. If you do a keyword search under "article marketing" you are going to find a lot of different opinions, strategies, and methods with regards to your question.

    Around 2001, I used to submit one article a week and got great results from it. Around 2006, I would submit 2 articles a day per each product that I promoted through affiliate marketing. And that got me the results I wanted in some pretty competitive niches. My oh my have things changed in the past few years! Submitting only to article directories isn't enough anymore, unless you're into cranking out some serious volume.

    It's not so much how many articles you should submit per day, it's what kind of content are you going to generate and what distribution channels are you going to use? You can write a quality article, certainly, and submit it to the top 3, 5, or whatever, article directories. Then you can turn that article into a video and submit that video to the top (insert your magic # here) video directories.

    You can then add to that article (or combine articles), use the free software and convert it into a PDF document and submit it to ebook directories. You can also submit it to document sharing websites. You can then hire an experienced PR person who knows how to write a press release that will grab attention from the media. You'll get tons of back links to the article on your blog or website and you might also get asked for an interview (I recommend submitting at least one solid press release a month).

    That's just one example of one permutation on how someone can use their content. I haven't even included contacting e-zine authors, niche websites, or using blog networks (or any network for that matter).

    So it's not really how many you should submit in a day, it's also what are you going to do with that article after you submit it? Generally, though, I think submitting one quality a day should be the bare-bone minimum if you're looking for a number, realizing that some of your articles are going to be big winners and some of them are going to be real stinkers.

    I view my articles like a mutual fund, once you hit critical mass with your efforts, you'll get to a point where you won't be able to stop the traffic, even if you wanted to.

    RoD "My-Coffee-Mug-Is-277-Ozs-Tall!" CorteZ
    "Your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out."
    - Jim Rohn
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      I'm an article marketer, for a living. I try to write one high-quality article every day (but don't quite manage it: only 25 per month, to be honest ).

      I agree with all the comments above about the uselessness of depending on article directories for backlinks and/or traffic, but I do still submit all my articles to EZA and sometimes to another directory, purely for the syndication value.

      Article marketing just isn't about "how many articles"

      Most people who fail at "article marketing" tend to fail in more or less the same way, and it's a way broadly characterised by ...

      (i) depending on article directories for traffic and backlinks;
      (ii) using "spinning" and/or "mass-submission" software;
      (iii) using a "rinse and repeat" model of "article directory marketing";
      (iv) writing/submitting large numbers of shorter articles which are sometimes "salesy" in tone and have a prominent "call to action" in the resource box.

      You can be almost certain, every single time you see one of the ever-increasing plethora of threads we regularly have appearing here with titles like "Article Marketing Doesn't Work Any More" or "I'm Not Sure About Article Marketing Any More", that the person starting it off has been doing at least three of the four things mentioned above.

      In contrast, most people who succeed at article marketing tend to succeed in their own slightly different ways, a little harder to describe succinctly, but often (I don't say "always", of course) characterised by ...

      (a) avoiding all the above;
      (b) involving article syndication in their business model;
      (c) building an asset-based business, by developing their own virtual properties rather than anyone else's, which produces gradually increasing residual income from work already done.

      As so many of us, in this forum, have repeatedly shown and discussed, you don't need many articles to make a very good living through article marketing. What you need to do is to forget using article directories for backlinks, and to concentrate on getting well-written articles in front of well-targeted traffic. One thing's for sure (and it's attested to, here, in dozens of "article marketing threads"): people who switch from a quantity-based approach to a quality-based one are not switching back.
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    I can't see how anyone can write 50 articles a day! I have a heck of a time eeking out 1 or 2 a day! I do agree with the poster that said it doesn't matter because the articles are all approved at different times. Sometimes it takes hours and sometimes it takes weeks. Google will find out about these back links at different times, so I don't concern myself with too many too soon.
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    The quantity of articles is not important but the quality of content can help your webiste to get backlink as well as popularity online. so try to write quality content and submit it over 20 article directories daily its enough.
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    Ben nailed it. This will be more natural and really wont suck up all your time. Spend the time making quality content. You will be surprised by the results.
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      I have to agree with the fellow warrior that stressed the importance of quality over quantity. You should really focus on your writing style, which should be pleasant and informative, make sure that the title and the article itself are keyword rich and use your article as a successful (and ethical) sales letter: Tell the truth but NOT all of it. Unless you serve your article as an appetizer your reader will not click on your link.
      Also, make sure that you submit your articles to the big article directories. Don't waste your time submitting your articles all over the internet. I hope it helps.
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        I only produce about 4 articles a week max. And that's covering dozens of highly competitve niches. These articles are then submitted to tens of thousands of high authority relevant websites, blogs, and targeted ezine publishers as well as offline publications such as trade journals, magazaines, and newspapers.
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