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by zeeawk
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First a big hello to all members. As you can see I am new here and plan on being a regular member. It's been several years since I have done any IM work and I'm trying to get back into the game.

After watching almost all of the video tutorials, I was considering purchasing Market Samurai. It seems pretty nice and has quite a few features that seem like they could prove useful to me. I did however, notice at times it can be a bit finicky. Sometimes the SEO competition generator doesn't finish all the way and I have to hit cancel. Or today for a two word phrase it just sat at finding results. It seems like the UI could use a little work. Also, maybe it's just my MBP but it seems to run a little slow at times.

I'm wondering what others opinions are of this tool. Is the company still supporting it and maintaining it regularly? Seems weird that they turned their forums off. Is it still worth the money?

I also ran across NicheFinder and watched the video. Seems pretty slick!
One down side for me, is its a windows only app, so I would have to start up virtual box to run. Not a total deal breaker though plus the price seems reasonable too.
Can anyone comment on this tool? Especially in regards to how it compares to Market Samurai's keyword finder and SEO competition modules.

Can anyone recommend getting both?

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    Hi Zee, welcome to the forum!

    I use Market Samurai and yes they update it and look after it all the time. They are a much bigger team than the people behind Micro Niche Finder, but both pieces of software have their merit. I'd say, though, if you're on the Mac then Market Samurai is a good idea for you. None of the software you can buy is 100% perfect, and it does hang for me too sometimes, but I am impressed with how often they update it and how quickly they fix it if Google change things.
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    Niche Finder (not to be confused with Micro Niche Finder) doesn't have all the functions of MS.

    NF does one thing (keyword research) and does it very well.
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      Originally Posted by UMS View Post

      NF does one thing (keyword research) and does it very well.
      Would you say it does better research then MS?
      I do like the idea of being able to look very quickly and ket an idea of how difficult a key word will be to rank for. MS seems like it does this too but you have to open a separate module and generate results again. The upside to MS I guess is the information it gives you is more detailed.
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    Hi - Unless you are going to do a LOT of keyword research, then manual can be just as cost effective... regards Allen

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    Originally Posted by Chris Kent View Post

    I now use a different tool that runs on a membership that not many people know about.
    Thanks for the reply. Are you able to let me know what tool it is?

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