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Do you all have any? I'm looking for a person/group that can churn out quality articles at a fair price rate, but looking at the reviews on the Warrior forum can be misleading; people generally overexaggerate the quality of someone's work sometimes to the point everyone's work looks the same. It's really only the ones that are straight up bad that are revealed.

So therefore, I've come to ask you guys; got any recommendations?
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    you have on wso section some very good quality articles writers.
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      < Please feel welcome to send an email.

      I'm not the cheapest. I won't compete on price. I compete on high quality results only. Guaranteed there will not be any errors in any of my articles supplied. If you find one spelling error you get the article for free - period.

      Email address to write to is the last line in my signature.
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    Use the Warriors for Hire section as a starting point. If you don't want to use the comments on there as your only source of information, find some writers who look promising and head over to their websites. Once you're there, it won't take long to see who's good and who just talks a good game. If you see poorly-written copy, grammar mistakes, etc, you'll know that this isn't a person you want writing for *you*.

    And, be sure to look for writing samples while you're on these websites. That will give you a good indication of what kind of work you can expect when you place an order.
    Sick of blending in with the crowd? Ready to stand ahead of the pack? The right content writing services can get you there...
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    Please PM me your topic and perhaps I could do it without any costs to you, as I would like a testimonial from you. I am just starting out as a article writer so you would be doing me a favour too.

    Warning: This Writer might actually make you money! Interested....PM me with details.

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    There are many good writers in the Warriors for Hire section (myself included).

    The cheapest price won't get you the best writers. Be aware that a lot of the writer's outsource work. This means their samples probably don't represent the writer they would assign to you.

    Place a small order to see if the writer's ability and style is what you need. You can place a bulk order after you're sure you'll be happy with the writer's work.

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  • I can recommend myself! Im not the cheapest writer you will find on here, but I product high-quality material, so it's really up to you, and what your budget is


    50% converting squeeze pages, 12% converting WSO's, and more...
    BenPalmerWilson Copywriting
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      Long experience of replying to such threads and messages has taught me that people's opinions of "reasonable prices" vary widely, and I'm used to almost anyone I ever recommend being considered "too expensive", but there are so many good writers here that it's hard to know where to start and stop.

      One with excellent-value prices whom I can always recommend is James because I've sent many Warriors in that direction and nobody's ever been unhappy about it, to put it mildly.
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    It really depends on your budget. I have worked with many writers and there are a lot of very good writers in the Warriors for Hire section.

    I would suggest going for a single writer rather than someone with a team of writers. It usually gives you more consistency and in my experience, most of the people with teams fill their teams with people they can pay with peanuts. This can lead to lower quality work. Not to mention, when you are working one on one with a writer the communication is a lot faster.

    If you are really not sure about hiring someone, talk to them and see if they are willing to offer a discount for your first article, there are a lot of writers who will. Also, make sure to test them out with a small order of one or two articles to see how they do.

    I'm afraid I'm not at home to give you the list of WF writers I have worked with, but if this thread is still around when I get home, I'll be sure to share them.
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    Hi Rizen.

    You have to bear one thing in mind. One man's cake is another man's poison. So, your best bet is to check the portfolio of a writer before you commit yourself. I can't specifically recommend a good writer for you. What matters is your personal taste.
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    I agree with Amanda-

    The WF is actually a great place to look. I think most writers (including myself) undercharge here, compared to what we could charge in the "outside world"

    While a team of writers might churn out articles faster, you'll probably get more consistency and higher quality from a single person.

    Good luck!
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    Bill Platt (TPW) just reopened the ghostwriting services on his website (at a very attractive price, IMO). If you want quality I'd check it out.

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    For $50 my writers will begin to
    hehehe, clever

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      Originally Posted by aandersen View Post

      Bill Platt (TPW) just reopened the ghostwriting services on his website (at a very attractive price, IMO). If you want quality I'd check it out.

      Thanks Allen for the recommendation.

      Feel free to drop by my website and request a quote from us.

      We focus on creating good quality content, and to ensure that outcome, we employ editors to review all articles from the writers, before we send a product to our customers.

      We have built systems, processes and oversight into our service, to ensure that we are able to deliver good quality custom content, on spec and in a reliable and timely manner.

      We have a couple dozen writers ready to serve our clients.
      Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA,
      Publish Coloring Books for Profit (WSOTD 7-30-2015)
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