OMG, Pop Up Sales Person Scared The Living Daylights Out Of Me!!!

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So there I was just a few moments ago, sitting in my conservatory, cup of tea in one hand,finger on the mouse with the other when I began browsing someones sales page. All was fine, no one at home so everything was peaceful, sun shining outside, tea tasted good for once and I felt like I was focused. As I tried to leave this chaps sales page I spilt my cup of tea and my paper work is soaked because of the annoying


It was incredibly loud and now my paperwork is soaked and my hoodie which i just washed it stained AGGHHHHHH.

It was an unwelcome intrusion and shattered the peace I was enjoying... You annoying Pop Ups you!

Sorry, I just felt compelled to share this as it was quite amusing, to me anyway!

Has that every happened to you?
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    i can't say i've had such a reaction but yes, they very much annoy me. especially the ones that try to make you stay - how user UN-friendly is that?!
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    Yes, I've had similar reactions when I'm doing whatever on the computer, minding my own business. A pop up sales person finishes loading and very loudly and very suddenly starts talking! I nearly fall off my chair. XD
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    Are you talking about live looking videos, like this company provides?

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    Their demo shows a walk on spoksman sample on your site.

    “An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field” Niels Bohr

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    Exit popups - particularly those with an autoplay video - make me barf green pea soup. They are evil.
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      Originally Posted by DireStraits View Post

      Exit popups - particularly those with an autoplay video - make me barf green pea soup. They are evil.
      YouTube - The Exorcist
      Damn, I played the video all the way through because I thought you were going to show something about pop ups, and when it ended I got the pea soup reference.

      As a by the way, i dont think that linda blair was ever normal again after staring in that film.

      just a dog guy.

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    so it sounds like there is NO support for pop ups or walk on spoke-people in here/

    Guess you just have to be in the right industry to get away with it, but yeah, i think its a bit tacky too.

    just a dog guy.

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    hahaha, no I was referring to just the standard pop up voice sales person that many of the gurus tend to use. Its not really a rant, I just thought it was funny when it happened.

    Do you know the lesson I take away is?

    MUTE the volume on sales pages! That way, my tea will remain in the mug, clothing stain free and I'll be enjoying a serene browsing experience!
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