Here is My Social Media Strategy. What is Yours?

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Okay, I am not an expert. I have gone through a lot of ebooks on social media marketing and now its time I jump in for some practical work.

I am marketing a website for an acquaintance of mine. Don't want to reveal the site name but it is in a popular niche.

The soul of my social media strategy is: No Spamming. No automated following. I just want to build strong relations with people.

I have chalked out the following plan for the promotion of the site:

  1. Commenting daily on 10-15 niche blogs.
  2. Commenting daily on 10-15 high traffic blogs in general niche.
  3. Try to be among the first three to comment on the blog posts.
  4. Follow 15-20 authorities in Twitter. And communicate with them. Will try not to get disheartened even if they don't reply to me. Someday they will.
  5. Go through the followers list of the authorities and follow 3 people daily. This ensures that the ones I follow have the same interest.
  6. Reply to their tweets and help them if they need.
  7. Create pdf, slideshows and videos of every post that my client puts up on the site.
  8. Upload the pdf to scribd. Slideshows to slideshare. And videos to Youtube.
  9. Answer 10 questions daily on Yahoo Answers. 2-3 answers will have links to the client site as source. No Spamming. Will link only if the post answers that particular question.

My Issues:
  1. How do I promote the youtube videos, pdf and slideshows?? Apart from tweeting about it.
  2. I found few niche online forums, but none of them allow sig links. How can one leverage the potential of such forums?

I know in the end it all boils down to one thing: Action and Perseverance. And I am ready for it.

So how do you like my above strategy as a starter in social media marketing?? Any help in overcoming the issues is welcome.

What is your strategy?? Feel free to mention any other strategy which is bringing you a good RoI.

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    Solid action plan, here is a tip on getting around forum sigs and promoting your videos.

    Typically with the content you have created, if it is quality content, you should have already solved a common problem that people are having in your niche. If so then these issues should be coming up on the forums and blogs that you are commenting on. You want to link back to your articles or videos explaining to people that you already wrote up some info for said solution.

    This sends major traffic to your site/videos when you do this. Plus you become more reputable when you have high quality content that solves problems. People will become more and more hungry for your information and thats what you want. Repeat visitors.

    Plus, look at the forums and see what are common problems people are talking about. Maybe you could come up with a solution and write about that problem?

    Good luck, if you stick with your action plan you will see some major success.

    -Jay Vance
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    Smart. I have a hard time keeping up with the social media outlet but I am trying to keep up (busy days). Like JayVance said, if you are solving the problems then linking to them is just fine. What I've done when I get into a new niche (I'm an eternal student so I like doing this) is finding those forums, questions and problems and then when one comes up, I actually take time to research it, write a quality article and then post it to the site.

    I have one website where I only have ONE article where I actually wrote from my own brain, the rest was from looking into the forums and trying to find a solution. Its entertaining for me, but also time intensive.
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      Always work towards integrating mutual benefit into everything you do. I love writing 101-thing pillar-type posts, and I've used them to gain my blog quite a bit of visibility. For example, I featured books by top IM-ers/bloggers in the industry, then went and told them about it on their Facebook pages. More oftentimes than not, they 'shared' the post with their fans. Remember, when you do something to benefit others, many times it will came back to benefit you.
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        @JayVance: Thanks a ton mate... I like your solution a lot... really really helpful..never occured to me that we can link youtube vids as replies..

        @Hanaels and @x3xsolxdierx3x: your ideas about the content of the site are really good... and I believe that they will work great when done correctly..

        I guess I need to be communicating more often with my client now since my marketing efforts will determine his content as well...and till now I believed that his content would determine my marketing efforts..
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    In my opinion, content and marketing is some what cyclical in itself. One feeds into the other. You would have to look at your other aspects of the business/plan to see where each marketing plan can work and help. Social media and marketing is particularly effective for companies who many not have their target segments down to a T.

    Listening, listening and adding when possible allows you to see where the problems are. Its not only good business practice, its practical from a business position crowd sourcing has spiked in the last few years and everyone from dell to even some internet marketing types look for it.
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      Someone else has mentioned using Facebook. That would be my suggestion. I would also add that success on FB, in my opinion, is all about building relationships with your friends. Since you have said that that is the foundation of your strategy- which I completely agree with - I think that FB would be a good fit for you.

      I would suggest the following. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, even message me:

      1- if you don't already have one, open an account and start a personal page. Personal profile have functionality that you just do not have if you open a business account, so choose a personal profile. Upload a picture of yourself rather than of an animal or abstract thing. These days, with the number of FB spam viruses going around, alot of people are opting to only friend people with what appears to be their own pic as a profile pic. In the interests section, make sure to include your business interests as people on FB search for new friends based on self-professed interests. This will make it more likely that you will connect with like-minded individuals. I would suggest you include 'internet marketing' and 'social media marketing' among yours. Do also include personal hobbies in the hobbies section. People want to connect with people, not a business. Personal profiles that are opened and named for a business and not a person are not only against FB TOS, but do not exactly make people want to jump to friend them. Be yourself. Make regular status updates that reflect you and your interests. I would suggest asking a question at the end of you post to encourage interaction with your friends. And as far as friending people, I would say not to just friend everyone who sends you a request. Take a look at their profile, and their FB Wall, if you can. See if this person seems like someone you would want to know, on either a business or a personal level. If anything seems off- for any reason, even one you can't put your finger on- hit 'not now.' I could say much more here, but don't want to go too long on you, so like I said, if you have questions, please ask.

      2- Once you have some friends, start an FB group. This group can be on any topic, personal or business. This is a great way to connect more intimately with your friends and make possible business connections, if that is your wish. Again, I could go on

      3- Here is a good opportunity for you. Start a FB Fan Page! You could start one to promote for your friend. There are lots of resources to help you start a Page. Direct selling is allowed on FB Fan Pages (also known as Pages) as are opt-in forms, etc. The potential functionality of these Pages is crazy. I could point you to some, and of course, some warriors have made WSOs on this topic. Another advantage of FB Pages is the ability to send FB messages to your fans.

      4- You can also use FB Events for promotion. This does not have to be an offline even at a different place. FB Events can be used to announce webinars, promotions, or even to announce a product launch. There are some creative ways to use this FB feature. I have many IM friends on FB and have seen many uses of just this feature.

      I hope that this helps you. Best of luck with your marketing efforts.

      And as far as Twitter....Here is a thread on Warrior Forum where a member suggested an interesting marketing technique. I just read it today and thought it was quite simple but genius in that way. Simple things usually are the ones people miss. LOL. It may be of interest to you:

      How To Make $200 A Day On Twitter Without A Twitter Account

      Have a great day!
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