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I've seen others on here do this. So it must be ok. Opinions harsh or kind will be greatly appreciated. I want to succeed at this and never stop! So I am asking to be molded! Thank you! Split Piston just went live yesterday, I have been on the first page of google and no sale, i am on the 5th page of google and no sale on the lazy affiliate site. Am I not patient enough or is there something terribly wrong with my site. Thanks! You can view my sites at splitpistonreview dot com and lazyaffiliate dot com. Thanks ahead of time!!!
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    Didn't see any responses so I'll jump to your problems I instantly see.

    1) On-page SEO is poor.
    (Make sure you have your keyword your trying to rank for in title, description) on posts make sure your main keyword or atleast an LSI keyword(related keyword) is in your title. Be sure to mention your main keyword 3-4 times while bolding it once in your post (being said your post is 500 words) and include as many LSI keywords as you can to make it look natural.

    -Interlinking your posts and pages can give you a huge boost in the serps too. If you have any questions about this just pm me I'm running out of time.

    2.To rank better, try to avoid adding banners/affiliate links in before your site actually starts to rank. Once you hit the first page than it'd be a good idea to start adding stuff. Make sure to cloak your links.

    3.Make sure to include a call to action and an affiliate link above the fold so many see it right when they hit your website.

    4.It looks decent, but as you learn more you'll figure out what works and what doesn't. (your opt-in form is a bit hard to read, etc.)

    5. Since I'm at school, (and only in grade 12) It blocks me from using the gakt to see exactly how many exact searches your keyword receives. If your on Page 1 and not receiving any visitors it may be because your keyword receives little to no searches. Make sure you click the "exact" search and try and atleast keep it to 1,000+ searches. I usually go 3-5k+ for it to be worth my while.

    6.Not sure how your doing your off-page SEO for backlinks, if you have any questions feel free to pm me.
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      Tried to Pm you, don't have enough post yet. But here is what I was trying to send.

      First off, thanks for the thorough reply. I built the site strictly off of sniper tips. Fast and furious. I had worried about mentioning the keyword more than I already had cuz sniper said it could negatively effect my site. But it seems as if now he said pretty much what you had. and banner above the fold? What does that mean exactly. I will follow your advice as much as I can, and have you take another look at it to see if i am getting it right. thanks so much for taking the time out of your schedule. I am a tech at a local school district, our sr.'s graduated last nite! Congrats!
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        Ok. I made some changes per your recommendations. Let me know what you think.
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    I found some spelling/grammar mistakes early on. I can go further if you so wish? I'd be happy to help

    In terms of looking at your site, I find it very easy viewing!
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    Hey, I took a look at your site, and I think you should get rid of the dates of your posts so it doesnt look like a blog. Also I would have my banner on the right not the top before anyone even starts reading. No one is going to click a banner at the top of a review site until they actually read something. Good luck to you!

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    Oh also, I would put your video at the top of the page and tell them to learn more about this product to go to the site. Good luck!

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    With regard to no sales, it takes time to make money depending on the monetization strategy you are using and how you drive traffic to your site. If you are relying solely on SEO and search engine rankings, it may be a while. In the meantime, keep building sites. They are both pretty good looking sites. If there is a way you can create some squeeze pages and start building a list of potential clients, that would be a good way to go. I think the Lazy Affiliate site would lend itself nicely to list building. Good luck!

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    I suggest you run an on-page analysis with Traffic Travis (free version). It gives you lots of insights.Otherwise the design is good but it is not really catchy(the first one)
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    I just looked at the first site. Do yourself a favor and create a sig file and you can place live links there. You'll get more responses.

    This is regarding Split Piston reviews. I didn't read too far into it. Your headline and the review headline would do well to have some more umph, some pizzazz. You apparently had one opinion before and then it changed. Your headline could reflect that. Maybe something like, Yep, I've Changed My Mind About Split Piston Whatever... You're Never Going To Believe Why!

    Now you've pushed the curiosity button. Stuff like that draws in the reader, especially if they're interested in this product. You've got an affiliate link before the review. First, cloak it and then move it down and work it into the review as anchor text.

    You start off talking about you and your family. That's when I stopped reading and started to skim. Put that stuff in your "About" page. Respectfully, people don't really care about that at the top of a review.

    In the second paragraph you start with something like, "don't know what split testing is...?" and you refer them to a video. Not good. It takes two, maybe three sentences to briefly explain split testing and you can mention your video after you have.

    You've got a lead capture form on the side offering an Affiliate Handbook. So what? Everyone is offering something to build a list. Write something giving the reader a compelling reason why he would want to hear from you in the future.

    Give them a valid reason why they should get on another of the bizzillion lists they're already on. You'll get a lot more sign-ups if you do. Offer them secrets or special offers or periodic free stuff, resourses, etc. I didn't go much farther than that.

    The page is clean and formatted well. And what you've written is decent, it just needs to be tweaked some. Good luck.
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      WOW! Thanks to all of you for your detailed critique and advice! TravlnGuy I believe I followed your advice to a tee. On the banner, I only moved it up to the top after the first reply to my post. The banner above the fold or something like that. I completely removed the opt in form until I can make it better later this evening.

      So guys take a new look at splitpistons dot com. I haven't redone lazy affiliate yet. Thanks again!
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