Any Comments on the Open Office 3.0 Update?

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I've downloaded the 3.0 update for Open Office, but haven't installed it yet. Has anybody run into any problems with it? I don't want to mess it up today -- got some writing to do...
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    I've been using it for a while now, and haven't run into any problems at all. Mind you, I don't do a lot of fancy layouts, with tables and the like, but Writer seems as solid as it ever was.

    That said, if that's your primary use for the thing, I don't really see any benefit to the upgrade. All seems the same to me.

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  • Thanks, Paul. I'll save the update for Christmas Day or something. Writer needs to do some work today...
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    Works fine for me. I use google docs first, and then open office if that doesn't work.
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      Hey Vince,

      OO 3.0 works great for me for the most part. The only issue I've run into so far (usually after I've been working with the same document for a while) is that sometimes the 'paste' option in the edit menu will be grayed out and won't work (even right after I've copied something to the clipboard). And even the paste hotkey (ctrl+v) won't work. But if I close OO down and re-open it, paste will be available again.

      Not a big deal unless you do a lot of pasting, but something to keep in mind. Overall, 3.0 is great though - lots of very useful new features!

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