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This is something we could all do with reading, especially those of us that are struggling.

How to Quit Your Job, Move to Paradise, and Get Paid to Change the World
#inspiring #read
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    Nice story.
    Never give in--never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy. Sir Winston Churchill, Speech, 1941, Harrow School

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    Man, that is one moving story.....I'm sending that to others who I think could benefit from reading this man's story. THANKS FOR THIS.
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    thx for sharing this. very cool, inspiring just like you wrote on the title. Keep it up
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    Both inspiring and humbling.

    And here I was cursing my bad luck and making excuses because I'm developing a cold! Good grief.
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    Dude that is exactly what I needed to read right now. It really is. You couldn't have timed it better.

    Well all struggle at times but look at how much we take for granted like the ability to use our fingers!!

    Thank you!
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      Hey, thank you for taking the time to share that story with everyone here

      It is truly inspirational and really makes one think what could I achieve if I whole heartidly set my mind to it....

      This story acts as red bull for my brain

      All the best,

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    That really is an inspiring read. Thanks so much for sharing!
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    Very inspiring indeed. Thanks for sharing


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    very inspiring thanks for the share

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    Wow, great story, anyone know the blog that guy writes?
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    That made me want to cry - except that I didn't because I believe that's something Jon Morrow would never do. Instead, he'd take what he read, ingest it, digest it and then spit it out in the form of something equally earth shaking.

    Great post and thank you for sharing it.
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    No problem guys, Jon Morrow is my new hero!

    Not Only That, It's Perfectly Legal & Whitehat!
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      That's a great read. What a guy!
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    Yes it is truly inspiring story and will motivate everyone to fight against all sorts of sorrow of our life.
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    Now that's an amazing person!

    Thanks for sharing such an inspirational story.
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    This should be required reading for everyone, from the school leaver to the corporate exec...

    The BEST web TV show on the Internet

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    I'm impressed..
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    That's an awesome story!! Very inspirational and make you want to work harder by giving back stuff like that is always nice to read about when you're feeling down about your own accomplishments.
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    That truly is an inspiring read, thanks for sharing.

    One common theme among very successful people (in any business) is that they truly strive to help others succeed and it brings them success in large amounts.

    I was watching a show about investors and it had one guy who was a private equity fund manager. This account was over 100 million dollars and he would go around finding different companies to invest in. The 1 thing he said over and over was that he wanted to invest in companies he could truly help.

    If you watch any type of show where very successful people tell their stories you'll always hear that they truly want to benefit each other when making a deal or promoting a product to consumers.

    Really helping people is the best way to achieve success and personal fulfillment imo. This article is a great example of that.
    *Reserved for cool stuff*
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    Huh...Sometimes people are more then inspiring.The article leaves me speechless.Hats off to this guy.Thanks for sharing chameleon
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    A truly amazing and inspirational story - what an amazing man!
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    That's an excellent share.
    It makes my believe more firm on the fact that if you want to get to your goals, help others getting to theirs in the way.
    Sent to a few friends
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