Guide to Outsourcing/Hiring a VA

by Jessica DeVader 3 replies
Hey All,

I'm looking to expand my business a little bit, and am thinking about hiring a Virtual Assistant, but am a little bit boggled about how to do that. Eventually I want to take my whole business to something I manage virtually. It seems like there a lot of people who have this running atleast partially.

I know that it's a very broad question, and if anyone has a full fledged guide I'd be more than happy to buy it, but here are some definite questions.

1. Where is one of the better places to go to hire a VA?
2. What is the primary way to train VAs? Instructional videos you produce or IM courses?
3. How do you find a VA to manage other VAs?
4. What is a VA's tax status in the US?

Thanks so much in advance!

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