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How is the best way to promote your blog with videos? Do you have to make videos or can you piggyback?
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    I suggest making your own videos with software or outsourcing it.

    You can get some nice videos for cheap from fiverr.

    This way you can optimize them specifically for your blog.

    Good luck.
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      When you say 'optimize' you mean customize, right? I heard Youtube is one of the biggest web properties with a high PR. I thought I could piggy back using other people's videos, but I am not sure how to create a video that sells... Any tips would be appreciated...
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    If you want to build traffic to your personal blog, definetly create your own videos, and id recommend with YOUR FACE in it! It will build a natural repport, and show people that your not scared to show your face because your proud of what you teach / recommend.

    Good luck!
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    Originally Posted by egarners1 View Post

    How is the best way to promote your blog with videos? Do you have to make videos or can you piggyback?
    You can easily make your own videos using a simple software such as Camtasia. Don't forget to watermark the videos and show some personality! Whether using Fiverr or making your own - interesting character is what will turn casual viewers into fans.

    Skype/AIM: LeadBoltBrian
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      Hey, many thanx people. This info helps and I will act on it.

      My blog is political in nature and I have been able to increase my traffic from my article writing, but the readers seem to be blind to the ads.

      If my traffic counter is kosher, I get ~ 20K views a month, but Adsense gets abysmal hits a month and zero from other ads. How would I find matching products to complement my niche?

      I'm passionate about my blog as I am trying to wake the public up to the trend our government is taking us. If it continues as is, our dollar will be worthless, they will kill the internet and eliminate our rights and freedoms
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    for videos to bring traffic, you'll need to install a video sitemap in your wordpress theme, and upload it to Google webmaster tools for your site. Also post it to lots of video hosting sites, and create backlinks to your videos at each place.
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