are you making money with clickbank ?

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hello warriors

i need your sharing and advice i spent thousand for hire some warriors to teach me clickbank marketing and 99% not works..! and they gone with my money!! , i am very frustrated how i can making money with clickbank, i do they suggest

so far i was learned

building blog/landing page/sales funnel
craiglist ad method
facebook method this make my money burned

thanks for sharing here , i am very appreciated
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    Have you tried Squidoo? You can try picking some "low hanging fruit," meaning keywords with not many searches, but also almost zero competition. Make one Squidoo lens (page) per each keyword you find. Then write one article per keyword and post on EZA. Link to that keyword's Squidoo lens in the resource box. Because competition will be so low, you should be able to get top rankings in Google with ease. And because there are so many of these little keywords that nobody else is targeting, the traffic can really add up.

    Good luck.
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    You seem to have tried lots of methods ha?
    Just one question.. how long have you stick to any one of the method they taught you?

    Hopping 5 jobs in a year won't make a difference on your pay. But if you stick to just one, you could have probably earn at least an increment or bonus.
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      From the list of what you've learned, it doesn't seem that you'll be able to make money out of click bank even if you do them for a long time because there are some essential things that aren't included in your list. One that is said to be the most, although it's really still debatable, is Search Engine Optimization. Basically, it's the method in internet marketing where you can raise your page rank in google or in any other search engines. The purpose is for visitors to see your page instantly whenever they look for it in the internet instead of seeing some other else's website.
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      kayaman, sounds like English is your second language. Stick with it! When you write content, you may need to have it reviewed/revised by a native speaker. OR, you can focus on a niche in your native language.

      Stop buying programs and giving other people money. This is the time to 'start doing!'

      I have made money with Clickbank and had several Clickbank checks in the mail with more on the way. : ) I'm a Clickbank Vendor and not an Affiliate. Your mileage may vary.

      Good luck!

      Brandon Doyle Simple, effective, and affordable software. Knowledge Base software.

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        You can't just blindly follow people and expect to make the same money as them, it's like if somebody found a lot of gold in the ground, dug as much up as they could, and then showed 1000 other people where they found it.... not much left

        You should learn the fundamentals of making money online, and then TEST TEST TEST, any idea you have try it and find your own sneaky money making tricks. This helped me quit my job and now I make a living doing it
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    Originally Posted by kayaman View Post

    are you making money with clickbank ?
    Yes, I've been making my living selling Clickbank products for a couple of years.

    Originally Posted by kayaman View Post

    i spent thousand for hire some warriors to teach me clickbank marketing and 99% not works..!
    Unfortunately, it's easier for some people to make their livings by advising others how to promote Clickbank products than it is for them to make a living promoting Clickbank products themselves. That's part of the reason why so many "guidebooks" are so full of grotesque factual misinformation and grossly misguided advice. It's a subject about which the general consensus of opinion is quite often completely wrong, because it typically doesn't represent a consensus of those who actually make their own successful livings promoting Clickbank products.

    Personally, I would strongly advise anyone new to have nothing to do with PPC (typically, there's a long, slow, expensive learning-curve involved with that), nothing to do with Squidoo (it isn't your site and you don't own it and can't control it, and as we've seen twice in the last 3 years it can suddenly change its terms of service, too), and to have nothing to do with Craiglist, either (also a "terms of service" issue, possibly, but probably not the best idea anyway).

    Clickbank is simply a retailer. There isn't really a class of digital products classifiable as "Clickbank products" which are collectively different from "non-Clickbank products". They're just "online digital products" (some "Clickbank products" are for sale in other places as well, just like some "Walmart products").

    Making money from selling these products depends on two fundamental things (however they're done):-

    (i) Effective pre-selling, and ...
    (ii) List-building.

    One then promotes the products (mostly) by email and makes sales of them to people with whom one has built a relationship based on trust and respect. Promoting them successfully, in the long term, without building lists, is almost impossible: one would be targeting only a tiny percentage of the income one might otherwise make.

    That's a very simplified overview, anyway.

    It also matters very much which products you try to promote, and this is where many people go wrong. If you go wrong at the product-selection stage, then it doesn't matter how well you do anything else: you still won't make a living. There's advice here, about this question.
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    Yes - by understanding a given niche market, knowing what they want and WHY, offering them ongoing value via content and recommending quality products that help them get where they want to go.

    If you have not been able to succeed with this so far then yes, you may have gotten bad advice, but you may also have to look in the mirror. At the end of the day - you need to put the effort in to taking action on each one of these areas.

    Techniques such as building a blog, landing page and sales funnel DO work, if you are relevant to your market, otherwise they don't.

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