How many of you have used godaddy and had their account locked

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Hi guys,
I was just wondering how those guys at godaddy operate. Some days ago i got a new domain from them which i also hosted there. I was still trying to launch the control center when i noticed that their confirm password input was disabled. That meant i wasn't going to be able to complete the process of login. I was still trying to figure that out when i noticed my account had been locked.

Has anyone here had this kind of experience with them before. Are they so unreliable? I have had to wait for days which has cost me lost time on a project i'm working on.
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    Not a good idea to host with Godaddy. I never have, but have heard of others getting their site locked up for some reason. But never heard of it happening prior to getting their web site up and running. It will happen when someone complains about you.

    Not sure what could have happened in your case. But just call their support number and complain. They should be able to help you.

    Tim Pears

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      It's never happened to me, but I know that Godaddy is notorious for stuff like this. I personally prefer hostGator.... although I'm not the most knowledgeable.
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        I agree with Hartwigm... Hostgator is very good!
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    I've heard the Godaddy horror stories too and I would never buy a domain name from them because of it. I like NameCheap and I host with Hostgator.
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    Yeah, not a fan of GoDaddy either. I've heard some stories about them. It seems as if they just want to offer support to no one. I never purchased their service, but I wouldn't go with them personally. Good luck on getting your account unlocked.
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    Interesting. Did you call them? I don't remember whether or not they have "Chat." That would be quicker than waiting for an email reply.

    I have hosting accounts with several hosting companies, one of which is Godaddy. Funny, I've never had any problems with them. I think their CPanel is a bit confusing compaired to others, and a friend of mine used their "Website Tonight" or whatever it is called. That was weird. It's a proprietary system, and you can't take that website to any other host.

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      Thanks to you all for your replies, i wish i had all this information before i used them. I actually sent them an email but all they had to say was that they are looking into the incident. Lesson learnt: i'm not using them anymore.
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        Originally Posted by morninjoi View Post

        Thanks to you all for your replies, i wish i had all this information before i used them. I actually sent them an email but all they had to say was that they are looking into the incident. Lesson learnt: i'm not using them anymore.
        They have phone support -at your cost, obviously- Did you call them?
        That's better than waiting and your projects getting closer of being late.
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        Originally Posted by morninjoi View Post

        Thanks to you all for your replies, i wish i had all this information before i used them. I actually sent them an email but all they had to say was that they are looking into the incident. Lesson learnt: i'm not using them anymore.
        While I can understand your decision not to use Go Daddy anymore, what has
        happened to you can occur with virtually any provider you use.

        How long has it been since you contacted Go Daddy with your issue? Why not
        give them a "little" chance to work it out, despite what you've read and heard
        about them?


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    wow I have used godaddy for years now and currently have 104 domains and all but .pro are registered through

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    Yeah, I was not happy when I had domains hosted there.

    They are ok (sort of) as a registrar, but I would never host there again.
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        Hey guys, been lurking for a few months, first post - just wanted to add my 2 cents on this, I don't host with GoDaddy but I use them for my domains and SSL certs. and I totally rate them - their phone support is generally pretty good, all depends on who you get through to but I'm never left waiting long and most of the time they really do persevere to resolve my problem.

        As I said though, not used them for hosting so don't know what they're like on that front.
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    I have purchased numerous domain names thru them. I have never hosted a website thru them.

    never had any problems or concerns.
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    Never happened to me. Thats horryfying.

    Perchance do you have communications over time between you and them which shed light on their explanation>

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    I have been buying domains from Godaddy for awhile and never had an issue with them. once I purchase I just point to my hosting which is mostly Host Gator.

    Launching a product?

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    I have over 100 domains from Godaddy. Have been buying from them for over 5 years not a single problem.

    I use hostgator for hosting and have never had a problem with them.

    Corecommerce on the other had I would NEVER use again.

    Just last week they sent an email admitting their servers had been hacked into and credit card info taken. Now again this week I had unapproved charges put on my credit care so again I have had had to cancel yet another credit card and get a new one.
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      Not only would I not host with godaddy, they couldn't even pay me to host with them.

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        I currently have over 300 domains with GoDaddy and have been doing business with them since 2002 but I wouldn't host with them. Then again, I have several dedicated servers with PEER1, so there's no need anyway.
        I'm not promoting anything
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    I have domains there, but won't do hosting because of the stories I have heard (including this one). I think I will probably only get the domains through namecheap from now on too. No more GoDaddy.
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    I have used GoDaddy before but was never satisfied with their service, so I've switched to Hostgator.

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    This was may be due to any suspicious activity attempted to your account, like someone tried to hack your password or either it happens sometimes when you make a first purchase.

    Godaddy is a reliable site and I am currently availing their services, bought a domain last year through my friend's credit card and got my account blocked due to security reasons. After that I send them the credentials of my friend and mine and got my account reinstated.
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  • I've been using them for many years and I've never had a single problem.

    If you're account is locked, then:

    a) You have either violated the TOS, or
    b) A mistake has been made, in which case call them up and they will fix it ASAP.

    If you never had a chance to upload your website, then obviously it is impossible to have violated their TOS, so it would either be a mistake or, as is usually the case in these kinds of posts, we're not hearing the whole story.

    Now I have to go on a bit of a rant...

    Please don't listen to any of the Godaddy naysayer's that say, "I heard...". That's hearsay and obviously not based on any facts, which is why it isn't usable in court, either. I think you'll find that most of these people have just read the various Godaddy/Hostgator threads on this and other boards and substituted other people's opinions for their own.

    Stick to the facts, and nothing but the facts, and you always get a much clearer picture of the truth, regardless of the situation.

    As far as the people that have actually used them, there are 13 postings up there, and 11 have had absolutely 0 problems.

    Now if someone has actually used them and didn't like them, that's different. That's a valid opinion and you should use that in forming your own. But you'll notice there are only 2 posts above where this is the case, and 1 of those said he would still use them for registering domains, just not hosting. EVERY OTHER ONE (8 of them) says they haven't used them.

    I hate to see people get misinformed about any quality service by 'he said she said' hog-wash, however well-intentioned.

    "I heard" doesn't mean diddly-squat.

    Ok, ranting over... so call this number (which offers 0 wait-time, btw. Try that with any other host (if you can find one that gives a phone number instead of offering a support ticket option only)):

    24/7 Technical Support

    and your problem will fixed in less than 5 minutes assuming, of course, that we have been told the whole story.

    If that doesn't work for you, PM me and I'll give you the direct email of a Godaddy higher-up
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    Yeah, never had a problem with godaddy, I do like their site for making domains. Usually do hosting with one of the other major hosting sites. Probably would not use godaddy for hosting as that is not their main business. I've heard of other people have a problem getting locked up with godaddy, use one of the other hosting sites.
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    I've never hosted with them, and never would but I do have domains through them, as well as Namecheap. When I've needed domain support from Godaddy, the quickest way is by telephone. They have always provided great telephone support and resolved any issue I had quickly.
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    I have only hosted one domain with GoDaddy, ever. It was very slow to load. Though I used them as a registrar to begin with, I now use NameCheap; I'm much happier with them, their layout feels much cleaner and there doesn't seem to be as much bombardment with options for "add-ons" when you register a domain.
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    Hey there,
    I have hosted a site with GoDaddy. I didn't have problems, but I never use them any more, much prefer Hostgator for many reasons including excellent support, reliable and cpanel.

    Also a golden rule I learned somewhere along the way (I have not noticed if this has been mentioned before).

    Never host with your Domain Registra. This is because if anything happens they can shut you down and in some cases it isn't even your fault. (which sounds like what may have happened in your case).

    If you keep your domains registered in one place and your hosting in another and something goes wrong with your hosting, it is a reasonably simple matter to change Hosting providers and get your site back up and running (Of course, always regularly back up your site files)

    So these days I follow that rule.

    I register my domains with BlueRazor (although NameCheap I also hear is great).

    I host with Hostgator.

    Hope you can get it sorted and cleared up soon.
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    I was suffering from the same issue.
    here is the step by step solution.
    How to unblock Godaddy Account ?
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