Would you outsource membership site content?

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Most marketers agree that membership sites are great for recurring income. However, the reason most don't get started on a membership site is because it's hard to get the content started. Would you pay for a service where you can buy pre-packaged course material?

This would be based/adapted from PLR and include lessons and workbooks.

Looking forward to your feedback!
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    I would outsource but having your own touch and work has way more benefits but if you don't have the skills, go ahead.

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    You probably shouldn't outsource 100% of it - maybe around 40% max. It's always good to do most of it yourself or at least keep a close eye on it. Because if you post bad content you could easily drive people away.

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    I think you have to look closely at the pre-packaged course material.

    If it's PLR (ebooks, reports, articles), is there enough of it to last the length of your membership? If you plan for your membership to be a fixed year, then you wouldn't want the PLR to poop out on you after 4 months and you're left trying to write the rest or scramble to find more.

    Are you trying to make the content fit your membership? Or are you looking to buy a membership course that's fully done for you? The first means you have to look at the material and see if it's a good fit for what you want to do and who your subscribers will be. The latter is easier, but you still have to get traffic.

    If you're using fully-done membership PLR, then realize other people are buying the exact same thing and are probably going to do the same thing you will do with it. You would want to add value to it, make it better than everyone else's, and put your personality in it. Make it stand out.

    If you're using PLR that's maybe articles, reports,and ebooks and you're going to create a membership site, then it will probably be more unique as others are not doing the same thing, but it will take more work.

    I think they're both good options and you've got an excellent start to your membership.

    Good luck if you decide to do it.

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      Absolutely absolutely outsource. You need to spend as much time with the content as it takes to ensure it is quality but no more. So add to it, fact check it, tweak it to be your own, etc. to make sure it's good.... and even that you can outsource.

      Why? Because anytime you are in business you need to be focusing your efforts on bringing in customers (i.e. marketing, promotions, publicity, TRAFFIC, etc.) So outsource all the things that take your time away from that effort like administrative tasks, article writing, etc.

      Hopefully your retention rate is high, but there will be turnover to deal with. Make sure your membership site continues to have new members, and continues to grow. That's where your efforts should be in my opinion.

      Hope this helps and good luck!
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    I'd create what I knew about, and outsource the part I wasn't familiar with to someone who was an expert in that niche.

    Expert content written by an experienced veterinarian and published magazine and newspaper writer.
    Feel free to contact me for details.
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