New income stream in 24hours:)

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Just some words of encouragement.

Ive been making a bit of cash from CPA $20 last month and $10 this month from 1 campaign...I thought it was kind of a fluke and just let it go and continued with regular stuff.

However 2 days ago I got the idea to make a site using the same concept (email/zip submit) for a "free" item but having a variety of products not just the one site dedicated to the one product as I had. When I say I only did the most minimal work possible, I aint lying..but thats my and easy lol.

Anyway I set up the site last night, 5 pages for 5 cpa campains and 5 very simple text only youtube videos linking back to the site and bang already got 1 conversion from 8 cpa clickthroughs

Only made $1.80 but pretty proud of myself for just deciding to make the site instead of being all negative thinking it wouldnt work.

Anyway more cpa pages and videos to make

Whatever you're thinking of doing, don't think - just do it.
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    Cool idea. I am new to CPA. Just got CPA account few days ago. Glad to know your method. Will work on it as soon as possible.

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    It's always a great feeling of achievement when you have an idea.. work hard on building that idea and then watching it generate money. It doesn't always matter what the amount is... you can work on increasing that amount over time by improving and replicating.

    Well done!
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