This should be easy... but its not, HELP!

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Hey Warrior's,

I've got a BIG problem, something that should be pretty straight forward is straight up giving me a headache.

Can someone tell me why the header image on my blog works on the Firefox Browser and not any others?

My blog: ColinChia [dot] Com

Thank you!

Hope to hear from you all soon.

P.S - As always you're always GREAT help and I've learned so much from you all over the years.

P.P.S - Will promise to be more active on here from now on.
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    Hello there Hong Kong. If this works, drop me a PM so I can see it. I like to follow these types of things.

    It looks like you have an error in your coding...

    Try changing this:

    <div id="header" style="height:191px; background-image:url("); ">

    to this:

    <div id="header" style="height:191px; background-image:url(">

    Not all browsers are coded with the ability to filter out mistakes in scripting.

    Courtesy...Baton Rouge, LA USA
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    You seem to have an extra quote in your style code.

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