Does spreading link love to all pages increase Google ranking?

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Hi y'all.

Recently for one of my competitor sites I was looking at their yahoo explorer links inbound and found something very interesting.

Right now our competitor is slightly above us, yet they have less than TEN inbound links to their home page!!!

Now we have similar quality links to our sites homepage, except from one source that has links from eight different pages on their site to our competitor.

THEN I clicked on the option to see links to ALLof the competitor's pages, and thats where they seem to have the majority of links.

This then got me thinking to how their deliberate strategy has worked for them, and maybe how we should all vary our link destination from places such as this forum.

That is, no body really talks about this, but if you make hundreds of links on this site to your site's homepage, surely google doesn't value it as much as if the links from this forum are spread to different pages on your site, which then link internally to different pages anyway.

It would appear that boosting all the secondary pages has fooled google (or isnt discredited by google) so that our competitor is now ranking higher than us on the core keyword.

Does anyone else agree with this strategy or regularly changing where you point links to on your site, instead of just the homepage, and do you think that it would help significantly? That is, not just for long tail keywords, but also for your core keyword?

I think I may have to upgrade my entire strategy and spread the link love, regularly.
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    For sure it does.

    Pages have always ranked far easier for me and the link juice always helps to push up the main site as well. You need to share the link love.
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    Yes, it makes quite a big difference. I've been conducting a few experiments recently where I've been building links to my sites category pages. For this particular site there are 12 categories and each of those categories have a number of products. I actually used variations of my sites main anchor text for 'all' of these links although none pointed to the index page. The result... Lots of top 3 rankings on page 1 of Google for my main category page keywords. A lot of my product names rank at number 1 too. These are physical products that are sold by many other sites and suppliers.

    This increase in rankings has happened in a matter of days to. So, to answer you question again... Yes, inner page links can drastically increase your rankings.
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    For Google it's all about looking natural and having all the links point to your home page doesn't look very natural.

    Why waste your life as an internet marketer..

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