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How many of you can build a site within 3 months that can make 10$/month?

and by doing so putting no more than 5 hrs?
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    I make $0 from sites at the moment--I haven't launched my sites--but I can't help thinking that $10/mo. in 3 months isn't "good".

    Is that expected to be a good return in 3 months? Really?
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    Is 5 hrs to much time, to earn 10$/month forever?

    Big mike you seem to be a veteran, I just started with this and I would like to know why it isnt sustainable, I have actually a goal that I'm going to create 100 sites

    What else can I do if I dont have your experience and just started off

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      Originally Posted by charliesheen View Post

      Is 5 hrs to much time, to earn 10$/month forever?
      It tends not to be "for ever", really. You do well - on average - if it's for a year. And don't forget that not all of them "work". Sometimes you spend the 5 hours and earn almost nothing. How many sites, on average, do you have to spend 5 hours building, to find one that really does earn $120 or so?

      Yes - it's too much time.
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        Big mike: I was thinking sites that have around 1000 exact searches per month, it seems that competitions are very low, and obviously I put research behind it and check whether or not its worth it, but you've probably managed to go to the next stage.

        This is the only thing that have worked for me

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          You are right that you can build a load of blogs/sites that make a few dollars each a month. I also think it is the easiest model to start with as you can actually get results pretty quickly.
          I did start my online career doing exactly that a few years ago.

          Yes, you can then "take the next step" and add additional ways of making money to your portfolio, and you actually should do that. Again something I have done

          I think your working for 3 months to get a site running or even 5 hours a site may be a little too much work in the long run but many only have time and not money available when staring out.

          A logical step to building anything in bulk is to either automate or outsource the processes and that will dramatically increase your output..

          In my experience small blogs left to there own devices will stay ranked for a year or more but will not stay forever so one good change to your model would to be flipping the sites once that they are 3-6 months old and making consistent money. You should get 10-12 times the monthly revenue of any blog. Invest the money in outsource or other business growth.
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    Too much time for not a great return. I would prefer to put those 5 hours into creating a product to be honest
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    I would definitely spend that time sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeping.. rather than making,, well what ever you make.

    Why waste your life as an internet marketer..

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    ... and look out for the Google updates!

    Just because you have hundreds of sites, if they all rely on SEO for traffic then you still technically have all your eggs in one basket. That would cut the lifespan of your sites significantly!
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    good advice guys, everything you said did resonate with me.

    matt.lake: isn't SEO the only factor with ranking, and relavancy (content) ofcourse. What else is there to think of? I see what you mean by putting everything in a basket, that would be a great risk.

    Tony Marriott: Good advice, how would you automate this, the only thing I can think of outsourcing this is to outsource articles, bl building? any advice here?

    thanks guys appreciate anything you share

    Are you expecting a link here? well, I dont Sh*t where I eat! WINNING!!!

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    Build a website. Buy traffic. Get ads. Get 10 clicks a month.
    Simple as that.
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      Five minutes would do for me for something much than this

      I can do your articles at competitive prizes.

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    automation..... automatio......... automation.......

    i think i can do it

    You are as good as the tools you use are!!!

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    You will never know how much you are going to make unless you take the action. Predicting outcome in Internet Marketing projects is really tough.

    Just what I think.


    Take Action To Succeed In IM

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