Help with Mac Videos on EZS3 Reward

by Harlan
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My videos on EZS3 in MP4 don't play very well.

Flash works but flash is rapidly becoming history.

How are you simply converting your videos to Mp4 so they play through EZs3.

First simple solution that works gets $50 paypal to them.



PS. Emphasis on simple.
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    According to Steve Jobs its history.. But that's another topic all together.
    Converting Mp4 codec that works with mac players and pc players is very easy. It really isn't about the Operating system it's about the codec the person is using.

    Ezs3 is just a delivery mechanism just like Evp.

    The codec format that is best for you is probably a free one since your on mac you can use a few of them.

    Handbrake works pretty well it's free HandBrake
    or another free tool that might work as well is Miro video converter. Miro Video Converter FREE - Convert any video to MP4, WebM (vp8), iPhone, Android, iPod, iPad, and more.

    If you already have camtasia you can just use the format them in Techsmith camtasia or Better yet since your on a mac use Screenflow to encode them.

    The two paid ones will work with Ezs3. Handbrake takes a bit of work because it converts at mv4 format at times so you need be careful when setting it up because those usually won't work With Ezs3
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      Hi and thanks for the post. Handbreak doesn't seem to do anything BUT m4v.

      From what I understand, the meta data is at the end of the file and it needs to be at the beginning.


      I'm not sure what camtasia (which I have will do for me) I want videos people can view on mobile devices.

      Does screenflow open and convert other file formats? It doesn't seem to want to on my computer.

      Your help is appreciated.

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    download the DVDVideoSoft entire suite.

    It is mindblowing and FREE. So easy to use an old man like me has no problem using it.
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