How Do I Choose a Name/URL for My New PLR Business?

by MaryB
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Hello, all!

I'm new here and excited about it.

I'm beginning a new PLR site/business. I'm just wondering if any of you have tips as I choose a name/url for it?

How do I make it memorable? Short or long URL (or does it matter?)?

Something non-descript, like Mary's PLR, put PLR in the title/URL, or focus on the quality of the writing (like The Best Writing Ever PLR), etc.?

Should the store make a "promise" to the buyer, like, Your Favorite PLR Store?

Any general thoughts in this direction?

Just getting started and grateful for your input,
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    I would include "PLR" in the domain just so people know what the site is about at first glance. Are you selling specific products or niches, or will the store have a little bit of everything? If everything, a more general name would be ideal.

    Personally, I chose the name Super PLR Content after about an hour of brainstorming adjective and "PLR" combinations with available domain names.
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    Originally Posted by MaryB View Post

    I'm beginning a new PLR site/business. I'm just wondering if any of you have tips as I choose a name/url for it?

    How do I make it memorable? Short or long URL (or does it matter?)?

    Something non-descript, like Mary's PLR, put PLR in the title/URL...
    Hi Mary,

    Don't complicate or over-think the issue. Your URL should reflect at a glance what your business is all about. That means using PLR in your URL. It's important to be as descriptive as possible. This will not only help searchers, it will help you with the search engines as well.

    In my signature, notice how you can tell at a glance what my blog is all about? Don't complicate the issue. Keep it simple!

    David Jackson

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    You could go for a domain name that is quirky and unsual - one everyone remembers. One that when someone asks about PLR, people reply "Have you checked out..."

    For example: (I just made this up but it probably exists)

    If you do that you must ensure that everyone remembers that this domain sells PLR! Accordingly you will need a lot of advertising for brand recognition.

    Alternatively, if you have a strong presence on a forum then your username + PLR will be a good idea.
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    Hi Mary,
    How exciting! I agree with what Kecia and David have said.
    • Make sure the word PLR is in it.
    • Don't be too specific if you think you'll end up going broad.
    • However, if you want to remain specific then definitely have your keyword in there. For example weddingplr or fishingplr. :p
    • Don't put your own name in it because some day you may want to sell your business and potential buyers don't want your name.
    • Don't make it too long or you'll curse the day you did... when you've typed that long sucker for the 1000th time.
    Good luck with it!
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    I would use PLR in your domain name and keep it simple. would be sufficient. You do want the name to be easy to remember and at least use a targeted keyword if possible.

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      I own a plr website, and putting your name in the domain is a good practice, its more memorable that way.
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        Hi Mary,

        I agree with what others have said. I would also advise you to be sure that whatever name you choose is easy to spell. That way there's no chance you lose traffic when people misspell it.

        I wouldn't stress too much about choosing your first plr domain name. Down the road you may want to branch out and have several plr-related domains. Just pick out something that you like for now. Once you've got your business going, you can evaluate what else you might like to add to your plr arsenal.


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    Mary I agree 100% with Peggy - don't have a name that is too long to type, don't use your own name or that will be a negative point if you ever decide to sell the business and include PLR in the name.

    Some of the PLR sites that are already out there are:


    Just giving you an idea of what type of names people are already using. I went with QualityPLR because I figured it was a keyword phrase that people search for.

    Just a couple of examples that are available.
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    Thanks so much, everyone. Excellent advice here. I'll keep you posted as to what I decide!
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    I was recently trying to decide the same thing. Obviously, trying to get PLR into it is important. My writing website is so I was going to do but decided it was too long and ended up with When I was looking I noticed there were tons of ways to use PLR Content or PLR Articles in your domain still available.
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    I agree with everyone else about including PLR in the domain name. It's really weird you posted this question, actually, as I was thinking about my own PLR site's name "Net PLR" today and wondering why on earth I chose it. I think I just went with it because it was catchy, although it doesn't say much about my site other than it sells PLR. I guess I am rambling but my point is eventually the PLR site name will become your "brand" and the small details of why you chose x words in the domain won't matter so much - as long as it's short enough to remember you should do fine

    The most important thing is that you get it set up and start selling PLR ASAP
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