I Spit On Your IM Product

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I just visited a banner that said ClickSpit I spit on your IM Product and I felt I had to click on the banner to take a look and thought it was a great example of thinking outside the box and has the potential to do very well.

Its a review voting site based on clickbank products and voters can Click on for a postive vote or Spit on if someone thinks it was a crap product.

Im thinking that the way it is, which is very raw is open to abuse but the concept is excellent especially with all the crap out there these days.

If they could come up with a way to confirm someone has tried the product I think it could really be a great site.

The guy who set it up is new to IM which is probably why he thought of it I wont put the link here but Im sure your intelligent enough to find it if you want to take a look.

Wish I had though of it I wish the kid good luck

Gaz Cooper
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