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First off I would like to start out by thanking my fellow Warriors for all the help you all have given me over the last seven months I have been working online. Ok so I am in need of some help here. I have been doing this for about 7 months and I have seen 1 buyer to a monthly membership site who has been signed up since the first month I started so I have one sale on clickbank. And I have created two sites since I started (both in sig) and I am confused as to why I am making nothing with my sites when the main one gets 50 views per day( Market online Tonight) and the other I just started to try out the clickbank profit storm WSO. Well I am wanting to get as far as I can with the Market Online Tonight site so I can move on and make another site or at least start making a profit from that site. I have heard people tell me to make a static page in wordpress so as to make it look cleaner but I can't seem to find a way to do this in wordpress without making it look tacky. So if someone could answer some questions for me and maybe review my main site (Market Online Tonight) I would be forever greatful. I know this all takes time and work. I am willing to put the work in I just don't know what work I should be focusing on. So to my questions : )
1. What could I do to my site to make viewers more apt to buy or come back
2. What is the easiest way to create a nice Static page in wordpress?
3. What should i be focusing my four hours a day on?
4. What is a good traffic generation method?
Thanks for all the help you all have given me over the last seven months without you guys I would still be working on little "Over night Millionaire" methods.
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    No one has anything?

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      Hey DKS,

      I went through some of your site. My first impression..... need more mental stimulation. Just a thought.... try mixing in some pictures with your body of text, related to the topic. work in a video.

      Mental stimulation... bro

      Personally.... I don't think you need serious help though! just keep at it!!

      one thing..... KEEP UP the work..... it is working

      Myrtle Beach Metal Detecting
      For the guys that bring more than their kids toys
      Chase Beach -
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        If there was a lot of money to be made in a site about how to play water polo would you then make a site about water polo? It seems your sites are about making money online but you are struggling.

        I suggest creating a site about your passion in life, something you love and can share to the world. If you can build a community around your site you can make a lot of money as these people all share the same passion and you can offer them products related to your passion.

        If you have no passions make sites about products and then when people search for the product direct them to your affiliate links.

        Example: How to cure foot fungus
        Make a site about foot fungus, direct people to a clickbank book about curing fungus (if there is one)

        Example2: Single Serve coffee makers
        Make a site about these, then put amazon links up and get your kickback

        Either create a site and build a community of followers and then sell stuff to them OR make a niche site and attract visitors only to send them right out the door through your affiliate link

        I also suggest following bloggers like David Risley, Yarro Starrak, Pat Flynn etc, read through their old posts and print them off to read
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    I have to agree with jeremy - when you're starting out in IM you need to pick a niche that you are knowledgeable about, and have an interest in. It makes it so much easier to write compelling content that way.

    Start with Amazon products which are so much easier to promote (and if people tell you the commissions are rubbish then don't listen to them).

    Good luck!
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      I don't understand what your market online site is really about.

      The first article is clearly a cheap, outsourced article written by a non-native English speaker. It's first paragraph is pointless, repetitive and boring. It's a typical article, full of filler words to push up the word count. I for one would leave the site immediately.

      If you have something to say about "getting a schedule" then write the article yourself.

      As others have said above - how can you write about making money online if you aren't actually making money online! Your site has no authority.

      Pick another niche - either one that you know something about or one that you can research.

      And ---- stay away from boring, repetitive, poorly written articles whose entire first paragraphs are full of pointless, unnecessary filler.
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    First let me start by answering your questions:

    1. What could I do to my site to make viewers more apt to buy or come back?

    Ans. First focus on providing value to your website visitors in terms of content or service you are offering. Once you do so your website visitors will be eager to come back & click on your affiliate links as well.

    2. What is the easiest way to create a nice Static page in wordpress?

    Ans. You can easily create pages using your Wordpress admin control panel OR if you want to make it more customized then .

    3. What should i be focusing my four hours a day on?

    Ans. Just what I said above, focus on providing value to your website visitors in terms of quality content. Split your hours into updating your site with fresh content, marketing your site, analyzing the traffic & making some changes.

    4. What is a good traffic generation method?
    Look there are many methods, you should look to build organic SEO traffic. The following two links will help.

    How to generate quality website traffic?

    Search Engine Optimization For Organic Search Traffic

    As long you are focused & this much dedicated, you will surely start making money with your website.

    Hope this helped, all the very best.


    Take Action To Succeed In IM

    PM Me For Any Advice OR Help!


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    I would just like to thank all of you who commented. I am gonna try them all I think I honestly need to get rid of both my sites and start over. Its just the niche's im interested in and know something about don't seem to have money in them like gaming and tech related stuff or music.

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    Don't give up Dillon. You seem to have a pretty good work ethic. You'll get a breakthrough soon.
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