Email Marketing - Text vs HTML?

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Do you send out lots of emails, do you send text emails or Colorful HTML emails? I am interested who does what? Text adverts we get everyday and I just don't read them, but HTML ones I tend to have a look at.
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    I send HTML most of the time, but the content is plain text, not something colorful.

    The tracking open rate feature of any autoresponder will only work when using HTML.
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    I always send out plain text - they're less likely to be filtered out as junk.
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    I use html for sure for foramatting.
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      I send out multi-part messages that contain HTML and
      Plain Text versions so that the user can receive the type
      of e-mail format their device prefers.

      However, with the HTML messages, I only use minimal
      formatting like bold, italics, underlining and color, etc.
      And I only use tracking images too - not fancy graphics.

      I prefer HTML with minimal formating because it has
      better trackability options and also links can look better
      by using the anchor text wisely.

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        Text messages have a better delivery rates than HTML. As you may know, all email clients like yahoo,hotmail, gmail and aol block the images by default, they require user to unblock the image to see them. this requires an extra action and most users will not bother to do that, hence purpose of sending appealing graphics is dead.

        One way you can over come this problem is to us TITLE attribute with your image tags in your HTML message. That helps your users read whats behind the image and most likely will encourage them to unblock the images.
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    If you have a brand with an active subscriber list who actually like your brand, then you should have no problem using HTML emails, as they'll generally white-list your email address (people who are actually eager to hear from you, rather then just signing up to get a free download, not that you shouldn't encourage sign-ups), and therefore will receive images each and every time.

    At the minimum, in my opinion you should be using HTML to format your text into different segments to make reading the email more pleasant for your subscribers.

    You should always however, offer a plain text variant of your email, for subscribers who's viewing devices/client doesn't support certain HTML elements.
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  • I am on the email list for many info marketers, from John Jantsch, to Joe Polish, to Sarah Petty, Brian Tracey, Bob Serling, & more. At any rate, they ALL use templates. In fact as a recipient of a plethora of email messages, I prefer HTML email, and actually have a hard time reading plain text emails, which means they usually don't get read.
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