Help I'm addicted to checking my stats

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I've recently noticed that I have a problem, in fact its now pretty much a addiction. I keep checking my website/s stats over and over again sometimes four of five times a day; I'll check my adsense, then click bank, then aweber, analytics, blog comments....and so on.

I've tried but I just can't seem to stop myself checking repeatedly, it's such a waste of time and I know checking once a week would be fine but I can't seem to stop.

I'm hoping by sharing this I'll be able to kick this habit. Have you had this problem or similar? how did you stop it?

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    Can you advise me how you managed to get down to only 5 a day?

    Seriously, it's a question of confusing activity with productivity. But don't be too hard on yourself. It shows you care.

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      It's only a problem if you can't quit. You can quit any time, right? I know I can. Brb checking Google Analytics for the 2354624626th time today.
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    You will get over it pretty soon. I got over it after a couple of weeks, it just happened when I realised it is affecting my productivity.
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    You need to have schedule ready and get in a habit to check at 1 time each day.
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    I usually check sales stats once or twice a day. I'm less concerned about traffic stats.
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    I found that simply keeping busy with other things made me stop checking quite as often.
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    I did the same thing you did when I started out so you're not alone!

    Start tying in some motivating rewards to key actions or project completions. Make sure that you setup good deadlines with them so your time focus will be on taking productive action and soon you'll find yourself too busy to be checking stats!

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    Just like anyone's advice here, you need to change your habit. Make an schedule in checking your site's stats. You are just wasting your time checking it over and over everyday.
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  • Profile picture of the author rekerlolz call that an addiction? Pffshht..4 to 5 times a day? I must have a problem than! LOL! I check my websites a good 10-15 times a day ..sometimes even more.
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