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I have heard that Facebook Fan Pages are a good place to redirect traffic to a Clickbank page. Is this true and if so, can anyone tell me about your experiences with this method?
I would love to hear from you. Thanks in advance.
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    Not really you will still need to follow up with people who LIKE your fanpage, you will need to capture their emails from fanpage and this required some tools and there are many of them

    also the type of clickbank product does matter too say a money making product work worse with fanpage while physical products and selfhelp products work much better

    I am selling my BOTH lifetime license for following products, RANKING INSTITUE by Andrew Hansen and Social Secrets by Matt ..please PM me for price

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      Thanks for responding.
      So are you saying that a link to the Clickbank landing page cannot be placed on the Facebook Fan Page? Is this against there rules?
      I hope I'm not asking a stupid question. I'm just really trying to sort out a method in my head.
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    It's not against the rules, it's just not a good idea. You seem to have not picked up on the fact that Facebook is a social network, which is primarily a place for user to user interaction.

    If you've got a brand your trying to build, then Facebook is a great place to engage with your users, however, if you just want to sell a couple of ClickBank products, then it's really not the platform you're looking for.
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      Thanks for those words of wisdom. What do you suggest then to sell Clickbank products?
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    I can tell you that Facebook is not very good for advertising. Twitter works much better.
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    facebook is a lot more responsive to sites such as amazon.. clickbank doesnt convert well on facebook..
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    i personaly beleive that it all depends. how is ure relationship with the fans.
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    Get your fans to know you and love you on FaceBook.

    Sell to them on twitter and via e-mail and webinars.
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  • Fanpages will help you do this, plus facebook offers the opportunity to create some great targeted traffic, not just by buying ads but simply by working the system facebook has pit in place.

    Compare trying to get traffic to a regular webpage against using all the features on facebook and there is no comparison, facebook will win over and over again.
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