Someone is inquiring about a domain name I own. What to charge?

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It's one word (a word I made up).

It has a lot of potential.

(I also own the plural of it)

It is "aged."

What to charge? Or should I just ask what he wants to offer?

Please advise.


-- TW
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    If you have a price that you would be happy with, give them the price.

    If not, ask for an offer. If they tell you to go to a site to get it appraised then it is probably a scam trying to get you to pay for their appraisal site.

    A quick google search for Untrepreneur turned up about 2100 results, so it might be worth something to the right person.

    I have a made up 1 word domain also, I don't know how much I would sell it for. I keep thinking about making a funny shirt site on it, but there are so many already.
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    I'd say ask for what he's willing to offer, if you don't agree with his offer, put up a counter-offer. If you have a price you'd be happy with, suggest that to him first then, see what he says. Good luck!
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    I did some research + the person is about to publish an ebook -- I could easily see how he might want to use my domain name to be the TITLE of the book (?) -- anyhow, it seems like he would definitely have a real use for the name.

    would 7k be crazy?
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      would 7k be crazy?
      Only the potential buyer would know that.

      Problem is you have no idea what this potential buyer's idea of a "good price" is. It could be more or less. I expect as you have thought about selling this domain the price has risen several times in your mind.

      I'd tell the potential buyer to make his best offer and you will consider selling the domain. Then you will know what ballpark you're in with this buyer.

      If you do get an offer, act on it quickly as offers can be withdrawn. Your domain may not be the only one he's inquiring about.

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    you may check on flippa some people having good money selling good domain with simple contents
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      Originally Posted by kayaman View Post

      you may check on flippa some people having good money selling good domain with simple contents
      I've never used flippa -- but I do a lot of selling (in general, not domain names). In my experience, ACTIVE selling produces much better results ($$) than passive selling. "Listing" a name or site on "clearinghouse" style sites like flippa would seem to be the PASSIVE style of marketing.

      I think (in general), it's a fatal mistake to assume these two groups are one and the same!...

      a) People who are potential customers
      b) People who are (already) looking for what you sell

      9 times out of 10, not only are these 2 groups NOT the same -- a) may very well be HUGE, while b) may be very, very tiny indeed.

      It's a question of who is plucking whom "off the shelf." Who is FINDING whom.

      I'd rather get my "food" like a BAT does -- not like a SPIDER does.


      -- TW
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